MLM Leader Demitrius Siruno Joins Digital Profit 

Demitrius Siruno, a self-made network marketing entrepreneur with a 14-year career in the industry, is taking advantage of Digital Profit’s strategic alliance with B-Epic for his next exciting adventure.

Growing up poor as the youngest of eight kids, Siruno always knew that he wanted to earn money to give his own family what he never had growing up. He dropped out of college to establish a real estate company in 2005. When economic downturn struck the real estate market in 2008, the company lost all its profits. 

Then Siruno remembered when he was first introduced to network marketing and how much other distributors were earning. He found a successful mentor and opened himself up to their coaching. Fourteen years have gone by since then, and Siruno has found immeasurable success, including earning a multiple-seven-figure income. But besides the lucrative earnings, Siruno takes joy knowing that he is creating options for other families and individuals just like him. 

“I love being able to create my own schedule. To not have to ask for time off when we want to take a vacation or a quick getaway. I’ve been able to travel around the world helping others become free and build lifelong friendships through this industry! There’s no other profession I’d rather be doing.”

Now Siruno believes he can reach more people than ever through B-Epic’s strategic partnership with Digital Profit.

“Digital profit will be the leader in this space to provide simple platforms for people to create more options for their families. I see digital profit expanding globally with these services.”

For newcomers to the network marketing industry, Siruno has some sage advice:

  1. Get comfortable with getting uncomfortable. You’re going to go through a learning curve that’s going to be uncomfortable. That’s normal. Those who push through the discomfort and learning curve will eventually start seeing success.
  2. Be coachable. There are more millionaires created in network marketing than any other industry in the world. Find a good mentor, and follow their lead. In this industry, people are successful for a reason. If they give you bad advice they take a pay cut. So listen and follow through with their teachings. Success most certainly leaves clues.
  3. Have long term thinking. Success takes time. Be patient and be ok with being bad before you can become good. Have a 3-5 year commitment to learn what you need to in order to become a professional in this industry.
  4. Stay consistent! You don’t have to work your business all day, but you should work it every day! Your constancy will compound. Minimize your days off. You can take more days off after your business starts to duplicate and your team is having success without you.

Aside from these important tips, Siruno also believes that network marketing is uniquely poised for success right now due to the global climate of employment. 

“Now more than ever people are looking for side gigs to create extra income for their families. With so many people being affected by the economy, people need to be able to create extra income from home. Especially around their busy schedules. Digital profit is the perfect opportunity to be able to allow anyone with any level of experience to start having success. The services they offer are unlike anything else I’ve ever seen offered in the industry.”

Siruno is most excited about Digital Profit’s Broadcast Trading offerings which allow anyone — at any level — to benefit from working with professional traders and compound their wealth with the latest and greatest digital technologies. 

Siruno notes that

“this compensation plan was designed with the average person in mind, not the traditional big leader in the industry.”


“What I’ve seen is that when you help enough people pay their bills, then your bills start to disappear. So this compensation plan is revolutionary in the sense that it helps more people achieve success quicker and simpler than anything else I’ve ever seen in the 15 years I’ve been in the industry.”

With cutting-edge technology and product offerings, outstanding corporate leadership, and a compensation plan designed to help everyday people achieve financial freedom, Siruno and many other network marketing moguls are flocking to the Digital Profit opportunity in partnership with B-Epic. 

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