Trish & Rob Verzera Achieve Diamond Rank At Seacret Direct

Couple cites real duplication as the cause and effect for team growth. 

Seacret Direct is proud to announce the advancement of Trish & Rob Verzera to Diamond rank. For them, the power of duplication and supporting team members to realize growth and rank advancement is “the most rewarding experience in our network marketing career.”

Coming to the direct-selling industry began years earlier when Trish was a 26-year-old Certified Public Accountant. She explored the industry and found it offers opportunity financially and the ability to develop personally. She recalls her early career days and one moment that changed her life path for the better.

“There is no greater reward than being a mom. As the kids got older, I looked for what would challenge me as the person I was and who I was meant to become. This is when I started running and doing triathlons.” 

Realizing similarities between her athletic training and what it takes to succeed in network marketing, Trish found common ground in the training and winning attitude needed for both.

“You have to have the mindset, the belief that anything’s possible. That you can do anything if you put your mind to it. Be consistent with it and never stop.” 

A commitment to training led Trish to complete an Ironman triathlon and, recently, a 100-mile endurance race. Though there is a parallel to her sports performance triumphs and the rank advancement at Seacret Direct.

“It’s all about the training. I truly believe that the amazing success we had in 2020 broke belief barriers for many that surround our business,” she states. 

Five years ago, Trish and Rob Verzera found themselves immediately intrigued with Seacret Direct after an initial introduction from Crown Royale Agent, Jesse Macpherson. Upon learning of the story behind the company, they decided to come to Phoenix to meet with Seacret Direct Founder and CEO Izhak Ben Shabat.

“We fell in love with the products, the compensation plan, the Seacret community, and training with Muzafer Najfi.” 

Within the first two weeks of training, Trisha and Rob Verzera realized they already had what it takes to reach top ranking in the company by consistently following the Seacret Direct proven system. For them, training was instrumental to the quick-turn success, but their personal connection continues to be a positive impact on their entire family.

Trisha says Muzafer

“always makes me think bigger, believe bigger, to become a better version of myself. He leads from his heart. We are grateful for all he does and who he is.” 

Furthermore, “in 2019 we were lucky enough to partner with someone who has a similar mindset, background and accomplishments where we were able to put our ideas together.

Those ideas and collaboration led to us putting a training platform together that blended online lead generation with traditional network marketing training that everyone could follow and get results. In early 2020, we hit the “go” button and put our system into action and we are so grateful to have found so many wonderful people to work and change lives with.”

Looking towards the future, Trish and Rob focus on what they can control, no matter what each day brings.

“Always look to the silver lining and stay in gratitude. We plan on helping as many people as possible move up in their business to live the life of their dreams.” 

Earning levels for Seacret® Agents that appear here are unique examples and should not be construed as typical or average. Income level achievements are dependent upon numerous factors unrelated to the Seacret business opportunity itself such as the individual Agents business skills, personal ambition, time, commitment, activity and demographic factors. 


Seacret Direct is a service driven company. Launched with a direct-to-consumer model selling premium Dead Sea skincare products through kiosks, Seacret became the world leader in the space. From the lowest point on earth, with over 20 years of expertise and mastery, Seacret Minerals from the Dead Sea unlocks the potential of this legendary beauty spa that seduced Cleopatra and brings it directly to customers worldwide.

Founded in 2005, Seacret Direct develops, manufactures and sells premium nutrition and skincare products that combine Dead Sea minerals and other clean ingredients with new technologies and scientific breakthroughs. Exclusively manufactured in Israel, Seacret skincare products offer mineral combinations found only in the Dead Sea. Seacret nutrition products are plant centered formulas and supplements for every body. The Club Seacret membership program rounds out the proposition of the lifestyle company serving an ever-expanding community.

Seacret products were sold in many countries before the company adopted the direct selling business model in 2011. Since then, Seacret continues to be recognized on the DSN Global 100 list for its global impact of the industry on economic and social realms.

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