VIC BEAUTY Launches Innovative Multi-functional Beauty Products

Jessica Le, one of the country’s leading beauty entrepreneurs, announced today the official launch of VIC BEAUTY, a social selling company she founded to offer innovative, multi-functional beauty products at affordable prices, plus a low investment path to the American Dream for entrepreneurial-minded individuals.

Based in Los Angeles, VIC BEAUTY formulates all products in compliance with EWG certification requirements.  All products are manufactured in a state-of-the-art, FDA-licensed and GMP certified, manufacturing facility.  This infrastructure gives Le and VIC BEAUTY total control over the entire process and enables the company to keep costs low.

“I want to support our sales team with the best products and the best compensation available.  As a domestic manufacturer, we are able to cut out the middleman and go direct to consumer, which allows us to keep prices within reach for every customer. We want to be known as affordable luxury,”

Le explains.

VIC BEAUTY is strongly supported by a team of leading research and development scientists who explore and deliver the latest advancements in science and technology. The ingredients used in VIC BEAUTY products are carefully selected to deliver the highest level of product efficacy expected by  consumers.

Le is no stranger to the power of business ownership. Prior to launching VIC BEAUTY, she founded service-based Amazing Lash Studio, which she helped grow through franchising to more than several hundred locations nationwide. She sold her stake in Amazing Lash Studio to establish something where more women could enjoy premium beauty products and benefit financially. Her certifications as an aesthetician, her passion for product development, and her vision to empower women through entrepreneurship, led her to build a reputable social-selling and customer-centric team at VIC BEAUTY.

As part of that focus, VIC BEAUTY has a generous customer referral program, which rewards 20% of a referred customer’s order in product credit to the referring customer. In addition to promoting VIC BEAUTY products, Beauty Partners can share alcohol-free, innovative OTC antibacterial products offered by Medilab 365 for family use and provide both skin nourishment and protection. Medilab 365 is a sister company of VIC BEAUTY.

With U.S. non-retail sales of Beauty Products alone growing by 18% during 2020, VIC BEAUTY aims to serve a significant share of this growing segment. During its pre-launch period in May, VIC BEAUTY enrolled more than 300 Beauty Partners and looks forward to an exciting first year in social selling.


Founded by Jessica Le, VIC BEAUTY manufactures innovative multi-functional beauty products in the United States and offers them through a network of Independent Beauty Partners. Based in Los Angeles, VIC BEAUTY operates in a social selling model, building a community that empowers women to provide for their loved ones as they chase their dreams, connect with others, and have fun! Learn more at


Get more information, facts and figures about VIC BEAUTY, click here for the VIC BEAUTY overview.

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