Greg & Lori Ferraro Achieve Black Diamond Rank At Vasayo

Greg and Lori Ferraro know that building a big business of any kind takes work and dedication. That’s why they’ve never made the common mistake of treating their network marketing business like a hobby. From day one, they had a plan.

“We build our Vasayo business with long-term thinking,” Lori says. “Our goal is to create lasting relationships with people, to really dig down and build depth. Sponsoring people creates a paycheck; building in depth creates wealth.”

Greg offers another crucial component to their success: the ability for the people they bring into Vasayo to duplicate what he and Lori do. To create this essential simplicity, the Ferraros never get too “fancy” with their daily work.

“When you complicate things with equipment, laying out food spreads, or specially laminating items, you attract less people,” Greg says. “Overdoing things will never attract the masses. You have to be genuine and have fun to breathe life into people’s dreams.”

And what happens when life (i.e., a global pandemic) complicates things for you?

“Like we always say,” Lori responds. “You can make excuses or you can make money, but you can’t make both. There are a lot of people who chose to make excuses during these difficult times, but our team chose to rise above!”

Since the COVID-19 pandemic began, the Ferraros have broken multiple Diamonds within their organization and have rank advanced to Black Diamond themselves. As for the Vasayo products, the Ferraros take all the products on a daily basis. They believe in being “a product of the products.”

“We travel a decent amount and on a couple of random occasions we somehow forgot to pack our products,” Lori recalls. “Wowza! Big mistake! That’s one way to learn in a quick hurry how much these products do for you. We both felt sluggish, foggy, and out of sorts without them. We love our Vasayo products.”

About Vasayo

Vasayo is a direct sales company based in Pleasant Grove, Utah. For passionate people who seek abundance in life, we create products that promote wellness, enhance beauty, and support daily renewal.

Through our science, we maximize the delivery of nutrients to the human body using liposomal technology and other advanced delivery systems. And through our mission to bless 1 million lives, we empower our Brand Partners to change the world. For more information, visit Follow Vasayo on Facebook or Instagram.


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