Nader Poordeljoo Appointed As President & COO Of OmegaPro

OmegaPro has appointed Nader Poordeljoo as President & COO of the company.

Business for Home has been given an exclusive interview with Mr. Poordeljoo, providing valuable insight into the future of the company and how his addition strengthens the already well rounded executive team. 

How does it feel to be appointed as the President and COO for OmegaPro?

“It feels great! I am more than ready to grow with this amazing company and elevate OmegaPro to the next level.”

Tell us a little something about your professional choices and experiences before OmegaPro.

‘I started in this industry around 16 years ago. In these 16 years I have been fortunate enough to build large organisations as well as to lead companies at an executive corporate level. It was a pretty tough time at the beginning as I was not the best student. However, thanks to my great mentors, I was able to learn and keep growing.”

“I am very thankful to all the companies I was able to work with both in the field and corporate. I think the most important thing in our industry is the mindset and skills you learn while adapting with the time, all of which can never be taken away from you. The most important factors for me in choosing a company are three things: Longevity, Mission and Vision of the company.”

What would your role as the President and COO involve?

“I will be responsible for all operational matters inside the company and leading all corporate departments globally. Also working hand in hand with the field when it comes to support, events, strategies, training sessions and so on.”

What are your future goals when it comes to OmegaPro?

“To help millions upon millions of people live a better life by improving their financial situation and teaching others to do the same. I am absolutely confident that OmegaPro will be the leading MLM company when it comes to financial products within a short period of time, serving generations to come.”

Why did you choose to take the position up at this organization? What encouraged you?

“I have known the founders for a very long time now. I have worked with them in the past very successfully. We have created a great bond together and the trust factor was there right away. Secondly, I fell in love with their philosophy and the services being offered. It just makes sense to me. So for me it was a no-brainer to be a part of a huge momentum being built which will sustain for a very long period of time.”

About OmegaPro

The mission of OmegaPro is to deliver a secure world class trading experience to all clients – both retail and institutional. We continually invest in new technologies and people, to provide our clients with a diverse range of trading products and exceptional trading outputs.

Moreover, we put a major emphasis on account security – we use the most advanced tools and encryption protocols and provide plentiful market liquidity to ensure your capital. Thanks to the vast market volume that OmegaPro handles and our strict risk policies, we can ensure that your account with us is secure, while connecting you to the fast paced global markets.

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