Crowd1 Empowering PLANET IX On Building The Biggest Strategy Game In Blockchain Technology.

Planet IX is an online strategy game. It’s about virtual real estate in a digital copy of the Planet. Online gaming has never been more popular and, if you combine that with the world’s hottest commodities – NFTs and crypto – you are sure to have a winner on your hands.

That’s exactly what Crowd1, one of the leaders in worldwide MLM, recognized when it partnered with PLANET IX.

What exactly is PLANET IX? It’s a revolution in gaming, but more specifically: a blockchain-based strategy and trading game with a virtual copy of our planet as its playing field. Players buy packs of PIX (virtual representations of real-world sites) and build their collection in this virtual world.

Later on, players can also purchase NFTs (Non-fungible tokens) that in the game are representations of worlds’ famous landmarks and monuments (such as the Colosseum), and even trade these among themselves in PLANET IX’s marketplace.

It’s this forward thinking, and the ability to spot a success when it sees one, that has placed Crowd1 at the forefront of the business. PLANET IX is currently in its beta phase, having launched mid-July, and is proving to be extremely popular.

Every week, a collection of PIX is released in so-called “Pack Drops” (the contents of which players will use to build up their game and inventory), and the popularity of these packs have been nothing short of astonishing.

The first release sold out in an hour-and-a-half, with the next release going faster: a mind-boggling 35 minutes. This is evidence of how hotly anticipated PLANET IX has been – and Crowd1 was there since the beginning, with the game being introduced at its Dubai Live event this past May.

The developers of PLANET IX have a more altruistic purpose: climate change and sustainability. It will feature in-game partnerships with sustainability non-profits, such as tree planting organizations.

These ventures will go a long way in making a difference in the real world, while players can negotiate, trade and sell in the assembly of a virtual world.

PLANET IX is part of the future of blockchain gaming and, with a combination of sustainable investments in real-world assets, is taking play-to-earn into a new era. Crowd1 is right beside them.

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