Michihiro Kataoka & Kazuya Maruyama From Japan Achieve Grand President Millionaires Rank At Vyvo

Calling to the stage are the number one business builders in the company, Grand President Millionaires and the previous winners of the luxurious and elite Ferrari Portofino supercar, Michihiro Kataoka and Kazuya Maruyama.

The levels of success that Vyvo Members continue to enjoy are fuelled by the unprecedented triumphs it has accumulated in localised markets. This is perfectly in display with the performance of leadership in markets such as Japan, where Vyvo’s unique inventions in wearable technology, health, and wellness are at the vanguard of a tech revolution where advancements are not only focused on improving people’s health but as well as their wealth.

In a profession that has a sea of entrepreneurs, through the sheer spirit of determination and tenacity, some leaders achieve the unlikely, the nearly impossible—reaching heights that were not foreseen as possible.

Such are the experiences super leaders such as Mr. Kataoka and Mr. Maruyama have shared about their journey, specifically how their team was built around Vyvo’s unique Digital Health Sharing Economy. A culture of leaders helping others reach these incredible new heights.

“For these past four years, I’ve been working on my business to reach the top title. While I’ve been through various experiences, including challenging times, and happiness.


I’ve always trusted Vyvo and always aimed for our CEO, Mr. Galdi’s vision as my goal. This was possible all thanks to the support of the management of Vyvo and the group leaders, and I would like to express my sincere appreciation to all of them.”

Shared Kazuya Maruyama.

“I pledge to myself to work even harder for the development of Vyvo.”

This power team has demonstrated an unshakeable passion for Vyvo’s mission, their belief in their potential, and influence to bring more people into a new standard of living. The fuel that powers their unmatched success is no secret; it all stems from the core practices of the profession reinforced by the invaluable proposition of benefits that come from Vyvo’s one of a kind business plan.

The implementation of loyalty programs and subscriptions have made it possible for anyone to display the adaptability of Vyvo’s platform.

Vyvo’s approach of delivering life-changing data and tips that are easy to understand has resonated with people of all ages and cultures, especially when they realize that they also receive multiple streams of rewards for keeping up with their health and wellness goals.

The Japanese market has regularly led the charge in the field of technology, and Vyvo has established itself as a dominant force of innovative technology, globally, while creating a new category in network marketing. In celebrating their advancement, Mr. Kataoka said,

“While the world is changing, I believe Vyvo is a company who can create a new community in society, which can be displayed to the world.” 

The results these two insatiable leaders have built has truly solidified the reputation of both Vyvo and its Japanese leadership, marking the pace to follow and proving what’s possible when the core belief of a company is centered upon creating better living, for greater health and wellness for all, and ultimately Making Life Wonderful.

About Vyvo Inc.

Vyvo is on a mission that has created a lucrative home-based tech opportunity empowering millions of people worldwide to maximize online revenue focused on precision health, prosperity, and economic well-being. Members are continuously rewarded for wearing their Vyvo LifeWatch while effortlessly contributing their biodata anonymously to a unique Global Health Fintech Platform, enabled by patented Life Sensing Technology™ and secured by blockchain technology.

Vyvo is a Silicon Valley-based technology company that creates sophisticated wearable technology – proven leaders in innovation with devices that protects, monitors, and empowers people who seek an overall enhanced lifestyle. Vyvo’s technology-driven mission has inspired the first self-funded Digital Health Sharing Economy where everyone can prosper. For more information, please visit Vyvo.com and join Vyvo’s Facebook Community.


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