Teoma From Peru Expands To The USA

A leading Latin America networking company is coming to the U.S. and will locate its North American headquarters in Utah. Peru-based Teoma is a provider of nutritional and personal care products with a presence in eight countries, making the U.S. its ninth business location.

The company said its mission is to preserve Andean resources and it is inspired by how the millenary and ancestral traditions can provide “Wellness from the Andes” to as many people as possible throughout the world.

Network marketing magazine VivaElNetworking recently named Teoma as Latin America’s “most economically solid” networking company in acknowledgment of its exponential growth and historic sales levels during the pandemic.

David Novoa, Teoma CEO siad:

“We are excited to bring Teoma’s vision of teamwork and empowerment to Utah and the rest of the United States. Utah is the perfect launching place to continue our efforts to improve the quality of life throughout the world.”

Teoma offers nutritional and personal care products developed in its own labs. Teoma also offers educational materials and will soon be expanding to offer other products and services in the U.S.

Felipe Novoa, Teoma’s president said:

“We are drawn to Utah because of the people here. Like our friends in Latin America, they have a passion for teams, dreams, families and abundance. Teoma offers everyone a chance to share in this abundance as quickly as possible.”

Dan Hemmert, Utah Economic Opportunity Office executive director said:

“We are happy Teoma decided to grow its business in Utah as well as bring its headquarters here. As a network marketing company, Teoma will bring many opportunities for Utahns who want to pursue a more entrepreneurial career. We welcome Teoma to the state and wish them success.”

About Teoma

Teoma operates in Peru, Mexico, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Bolivia, Chile, Argentina and Colombia. It currently has an office in Amercan Fork and is looking for a location in Utah for its North American headquarters. For more information please visit www.teomaglobal.com


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