Top Network Marketing Book Poll 2021

We asked the Business For Home community, and the many Network Marketing Professionals within, which book they recommend and vote for.

To keep our polls honest:

  • You can vote 1 time only, through our free app (For iOS click here and for Android click here).

  • To prevent “ghost votes” we have implemented a number of undisclosed algorithms.

  • Please do not try to “Buy votes” or hack the system, we notice that.

If you want to nominate an awesome Network Marketing Book, please email our Support Desk.

How To Vote

1. Download or open the FREE Business For Home App.

2. Click on Poll.

3. Select the book you want to vote for.

4. Click VOTE.

This poll is closed, it is no longer possible to vote

The poll will end 3 October 2021
at 12.30 am (Amsterdam Time)

How to vote: download or update the
FREE App for iOS (Click here)
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In the App, scroll down and click “Poll”
Use the search function or scroll to select the company of your choice and click “Vote Now”

The Top 22:

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