Chris Schweda Achieves Black Diamond Rank At The Happy Co.

Chris Schweda entered the network marketing industry all the way back in 1999. At the time, the New Orleans resident says he was spending his days “under a horse’s butt as a horse shoer.” The work was hot, physically demanding and Chris felt he wasn’t fulfilling his potential, so he signed up with a network marketing business.

“It was by no means a fast success,” he says. Over the next two decades, and through life’s ups and downs, Chris found success — and learned plenty of lessons along the way.


Now, The Happy Co. full-time Brand Partner has achieved a Black Diamond rank within the company. “Mindset matters most,” he says of his successes.

While his first few years in network marketing weren’t particularly fruitful financially, after son, Noah, was born in 2001, Chris went all in with the business. “In one month, I went from $0 to $3,000. By 2005, I was a six-figure earner,” he says. Daughter, Ryenn, was born in 2006, and wife, Jill, was later able to retire from the medical field.

But in 2015, Chris came down with a bone infection in his knee from an earlier surgery. Previously, the active husband and father of two went from training and riding racehorses, wakeboarding and surfing throughout the week, and practicing mixed martial arts to being stuck in bed with crippling pain and fevers.

“Over the next two years, I went from being a six-figure earner with savings to digging a huge financial hole with more than $40,000 in credit card debt,” he says. Chris lost his dream boat, tanked his credit score and even lacked the funds to replace his home’s air conditioning unit.


By 2017, his health had improved, but Chris says he needed “a supernatural turnaround” in his life. “I was dealing with anxiety and depression over my financial situation, so I was ready to try anything.”

Enter The Happy Co. “In my first three months, I was able to fix my AC while putting money into my savings again,” he says. The family purchased a new boat, replaced their cars, paid off all debt and amassed a healthy savings.

“And just recently we accomplished one of our biggest dreams,” says Chris. The family purchased their dream land — 2.6 acres on the water on which they plan to break ground later this year.

“I have had a goal list for many years, and since taking action with The Happy Co., we have accomplished almost every lifelong goal that I have set so far. The most rewarding part,” he says, “has been helping others achieve their goals and dreams as well.”

About The Happy Co.

The Happy Co., formerly Elepreneurs, launched in February 2021 with an established foundation of successful nootropic, functional beverage products that enhance mood, boost energy, enhance sleep, and make you look and feel like a younger person. The Happy Co. starts with products but does not end there.

We are a lifestyle and a dose of happy. For more information about The Happy Co. go here.


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