Milan Walker From Australia Achieves Team Leader 3-Star Rank At Crowd1

Imagine being born in a country, but not having the right to legally live there. Now imagine being held in detention as a refugee because of that.

These circumstances would break many of us. Not Milan Walker, however. She’s stronger than that.

Milan, who holds Team Leader 3-star status, believes that Crowd1 – the established online networking and marketing company with 34 million registered accounts – has given her hope and purpose. For her, it’s all about perspective.

she could have let her situation overwhelm her; feeling hopeless instead of optimistic.

That almost happened, but then her aunt introduced her to Crowd1 and her world opened up.

She found something that would not only keep her occupied while she awaited release, but that actually turned into a type of release. With four boys at home, Milan needed something to build a business on. Crowd1’s products, support and opportunity for exponential growth provided that, and much more. She familiarised herself with its business model, optimised her up- and downline and got to work on paving the road to success.

Coming from the background she does, Milan sometimes feels like she didn’t grab hold of life’s opportunities as much as she should have. Yet she realises that success can happen at any stage in your life – you just need to commit.

“It’s never too late, and I am more driven and motivated now than I have ever been in my life”, she says.

All of this begs the question: what does success mean to you? For Milan Walker, it means seeing her sons happy and fulfilled. That, and a new Hermes handbag, of course.

Her Crowd1 affiliation has given her stability – financially and otherwise – amidst the chaos. While not all of us are in the same situation as her, the pandemic has thrown many of us curveballs.

There’s a lot to be learned from her resilience, and that in itself is a success.

Like Milan says: “My goals and dreams now have wings and wheels. This old Fiat now wants to become a Ferrari”.

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