Hyperfund USA Event Exposed – A Cover Up

From 18 – 2o November in Miami, Florida, USA a “3-Day Cryptocurrency Conference” will be held.

Top HyperFund promoters Kalpesh Patel (UK) and Rodney Burton (USA) both involved for years in scams like Zeek rewards, USi-tech, Bitconnect) are behind the curtains together with Hyperfund founder Ryan Xu the organizers.

According to many Network Marketing professionals Hyperfund is a notorious $500+ million Ponzi, led by founder Zijing (Ryan) Xu and based in Hong Kong, Australia and Dubai.

Hyperfund is under investigating or plain fraud warnings in:

As it is an USA event, likely the FTC and other regulators will monitor the situation.

Previous attempts from crypto ponzi’s and promoters to set up business in the USA led to arrests.

Sad to see Elena Cardona, the wife of Grant Cardona, will speak at the event as a paid promoter. We guess she has no clue about the real intentions of the organizers.

A network Marketing leader commented as follows:

You may remember the old Glenn Frey song “Smuggler’s Blues?” “it’s the lure of easy money, it’s got a very strong appeal”

Hyperfund operates on pure FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out). I have to admit, the returns are inveigling!

But, I think a lot of the young folk and tired MLM’rs are jumping in. They don’t remember Zeek Rewards. Remember, that one? How many people said “I’m done with traditional business! I’m a Zeekler!” hmmmm.

What ever happened to all of that? The CEO Paul Burks? People lost millions. People also forget the FTC and other lettered agencies went after the top income earners property and assets.

On the one hand you have the proposed $600 BS, going on with the current admin about bank reporting.  This will fuel the Crypto market for sure.

And then, who wouldn’t want to make these alleged returns? It’s the lure of easy money. I am getting pitched with people that allegedly are having returns that they couldn’t even count that many digits before. Who wouldn’t want that?

I think FTC/FINRA and other agencies are already on this, as it is allegedly being investigated in other countries.


The financial institutions alone can’t let this go on, and that may be the reason it gets shut down.

But it may protect the “masses” and that’s what regulation allegedly does.

I will say though, Hyperfund is interesting and the returns are thrilling, but then again a lot of high risk “investing” is thrilling, when you win. And a lot of illegal things seem kind of thrilling, until you get caught and lose….

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