Sergio Peñuñuri From Mexico Achieves Royal President Rank At XIFRA

Sergio Peñuñuri, from Mexico, holds the prestigious rank of Royal President at the XIFRA company. An impressive achievement given that in only 21 months of work with the company,

Sergio has created no less than 10 millionaires and reached a record-breaking figure of $20 million a month in turnover within the team. Sergio comments:

“Over 100,000 families are having an alternative income stream in their lives, which makes me see an exciting future, where together with my company XIFRA, we will mark a before and after in the history books for this industry.


We decided to pulse and create legends from zero, because we knew that this way, the big titans would start coming like bees to honey.”

Sergio Peñuñuri boasts over 11 years of experience in the network marketing industry. He tells us his story and admits that the beginnings were not easy, as it usually happens.

Although coming from, as Sergio himself describes, a traditional family with a rigid, individualistic, fearful and not very adaptive mentality to the advances of the modern world, he has always had the open field to make his own decisions, taking responsibility for every consequence.

“Network marketing became my bridge to freedom the second I understood the power of an educated community, passionate about a service or product idea, working collaboratively.


Being a networker meant for me to burn any other serious career door in my life. The only activity that I understood could give me the opportunity to shape my life on my own terms.”

Sergio Peñuñuri tells us that he started with nothing, sleeping on an old mattress in a room in a damp house that he rented for 100 dollars a month and shared with 4 friends.

Sergio Peñuñuri on Stage

He had to pay the rent with coins he would scrap together from used clothes he sold. But, as he says, the dream was tattooed on his heart. He knew that the pilot had to be ready for the moment when the opportunity presented itself.

“I certainly had to get it right and become a professional as quickly as possible.


That’s when I decided to make the most of every company event I took part in at the time, every convention, every opportunity meeting, to sweat the education system in my veins and become the best student, that pupil who learned and practiced at every turn to develop those skills as quickly as possible.”

That’s the teachable attitude and a posture of smiling in the face of adversity that for Sergio has made the path to success in this industry open more easily.

However, he also confesses that his first 2 years of work were full of constant frustration and not seeing results, struggling to make the monthly repurchases and holding firm to the vision of the team.

“The years went by and the results progressed, but it wasn’t until I got to know the world of cryptocurrencies that the missing cog in my vehicle finally had all the pieces in place.


Technology had begun to revolutionise direct selling to the point where there was no going back. Things were not like they used to be, everything was moving faster. Thanks to crypto technology, results were cascading at quantum speed.”

It was in 2017, after 7 years of journey, ups and downs, learning and turbulences when Sergio earned his first million dollars. And this was the point where, as Sergio tells, the real work began, the work of teaching, of inspiring, of keeping his feet on the ground and his eyes on the stars.

“My greatest mentors have always been my parents, who taught me the value of constant personal work, reading as a tool for transformation, emotional intelligence as a pillar of my life and the connection with divinity as my compass in every moment.


Great famous mentors such as Anthony Robbins, John Maxwell, Wayne Dyer, among many others, helped build every step of my path.

I am passionate about changing the rules of the game and giving back to this industry as much as it has given me, redefining the networker as the most beautiful profession in the world. For a networker, freedom opens up before your feet as you go from the inside transforming lives. First yours; then, from the heart, touching the lives of many others.”


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