Success Factory Opens New Headquarters In Amsterdam

Success Factory finds itself, as a company, in a good moment of its development, with the growing presence in new countries, projects such as The View, which is only a few months away from being available to users, and the expansion of its offices to a new floor.

In June 2020, Success Factory opened its first headquarters in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, in a building located in the centre of the city, just 5 minutes from Central Station.

Since then, that new home has been a neighbour of other renowned Dutch and globally known social media and technology projects, such as That area is known as the “Silicon Island”, because of the presence of disruptive companies.

Now, the new headquarters is located in the same area, but in a larger space, with more rooms and offices, to cope with the growth of the company and the need for more people in well-structured departments to take control of the different areas.

The official ribbon-cutting ceremony was led by Kris Ress, CVO, representing the corporate, Cornelius Engelhardt, COO, representing the departments and staff in the office, and Roald Mailly, the VP of Marketing, representing the “field” leadership.

During the ceremony, Roald Mailly addressed a few words to those present:

“I want to thank everybody, the employees, for working very hard. I know that everybody has a big responsibility, from developers to design, to marketing, project management, operations, events.

All the support that we have, of course, the compliance department, finance department, legal department.


We started with three people, we had no departments… Now, we actually have departments all over and we still hiring a lot of people, about six, seven people coming in the next few weeks. And then I want to thank all the leaders in the field.”

Roald recalled how the first offices started with a couple of desks and gradually grew, occupying new rooms every few weeks. He also announced, during the inauguration, that there would soon be more expansions:

“Curiously enough, this floor is already full, and we need to look for another floor again.”

After the ribbon-cutting ceremony, attendees were given a tour of the new headquarters and discovered some offices and rooms, all named after a part of the world where Success Factory has a strong presence. Later, there was a more relaxed celebration and a cake was shared to commemorate the event.

The attendees, over 100, were both office staff and corporate members, as well as, of course, leaders from all over the world, including Latin America, Western and Eastern Europe, Africa, the Middle East.

With the presence of almost all the members of the Circle of Champions: a group of leaders with great results and a high level of commitment to the development of the company.

All participants at this inauguration ceremony were enthusiastic about the company’s continuous growth and spoke of this particular event as the beginning of a much more important and ambitious stage.

Success Factory is currently preparing a new virtual event that will be the launch of this new phase, with important announcements and, according to the words of its corporate staff, “the reinvention and evolution of Success Factory”.

About Success Factory

Success Factory is a network marketing company whose main goal is the promotion of human potential and supporting latest technology, relying on innovative and creative proposals that bring real solutions to the lifestyle in the 21st century.

The product catalogue of the company is mainly digital, covering the spheres of technology, education, sales skills and financial expertise. All that always improving quality, usability and exceptionality and offering its sales force different products to work with. The most outstanding items within the extensive ecosystem of the company are Forex Insiders, the View, B.A.N.K., Dagcoin, and Dagpay.

Success Factory has come to be the company that transforms network marketing, being, above all, a company that detects, trains and empowers the sales professionals that will be the great legends of the industry tomorrow. Find more information on the company’s website

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