Higdon Group Announces White Label Software To Replace Your Facebook Groups

Ray Higdon and his partners invested over $2 million to create software to make running your network marketing team more seamless, give you more control and with more transparency.

In the past leaders would use Facebook groups mainly to manage their team and over the last two years this strategy has become worse and worse with censorship issues, complicated changes in groups and of course the distraction factor of having your people on a platform that is constantly trying to get their attention away from doing work and more on consuming it’s content.

The white label team software allows you to brand it to your company or team, use our library of training materials to help your people AND allows you full control and knowledge of what your team is doing.

Early adopters include Martene Wallace, Rod Livesay, Brandon and Lynette Cunningham and more.

This will help you and your team recruit more, retain more and ultimately earn more. For more information feel free to connect with Ray at [email protected]

About the Higdon Group

The Higdon Group is passionate about helping network marketers not only reach their highest potential but equipping them at every level with the knowledge needed to succeed.  Headed by Ray and Jessica Higdon, the company lives and operates by their credo:

“Help people find freedom and fulfilment while always doing the right thing and striving for “awesomesauce.”

It’s this passion adopted by every team member working to support this vision that makes an impact both internally and externally.

From various content crafted and shared with global audiences daily to the appreciation and recognition of those striving for and achieving results, the Higdon Group is truly a unique company set apart in the world of Network Marketing.

The Higdon Group stands apart from other companies given their continued dedication to the network marketing industry delivering daily live content in a private membership based community called Rank Makers. Rank Makers gives network marketing  professionals a place for community and support and they are guided daily with live training by Ray Higdon and the help of his team members.

To learn more you can visit www.HigdonGroup.com

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