Video How To Expand Your MLM Team – By Avinash Nagamah

For the Business For Home Masterclass event 2021 Avinash Nagamah presented in a 20 minutes video:

“How To Expand Your Network Marketing Team”.

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Avinash Nagamah, also known as Avi, comes from very humble beginnings.

Born in a tiny village of less than 1,000 habitants to a modest family in the small tropical island of Mauritius, Avinash moved to London at the age of 18 to pursue further education with barely much to start with.

There were times where putting food on the table was challenging but nothing was to distract him from his goals

Having tried the traditional route he was taught, for many years, Avinash finally embraced the industry of Network Marketing in 2016 after the birth of his second child.

Those closest to him agrees that his champion work rate and ability to put his team’s needs ahead of himself is what led to his incredible success very quickly.

It was not easy at first! Being an introvert with a fear of public speaking and almost giving up on numerous occasions, yet Avi rapidly grew into a systematic team builder, inspiring leader and mentor whilst always being a mentee to top industry leaders.

Avinash has built teams of over 40,000+.

A few years ago, Avinash would not even dare or dream to speak in front of a few people and who would have thought that he would now be speaking in front of thousands of people and coaching the organisation into growth and success.

This was possible through his philosophy of “The day I stop learning and growing, I start to die.”

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