iPlant Global To Launch In 2022

The founders of this pan-European group, led by CEO Said Yama Masoomi not only have a strong network marketing track record, but have also acquired many strengths in fields such as e-commerce, coaching and logistics experience in the course of their entrepreneurial careers.

Hardly any other company has managed to generate such sales figures in just a few months, and there is no end in sight. On the contrary — the real LAUNCH is yet to take place in 2022.

The company offers an exciting dual concept of health products such as a CBD line, cosmetics, beverages and much more, which is planned for 2022, and the possibility to participate in the in-house cannabis cultivation.

For this, iPlant Global offers the possibility to secure physical plants in their premises, which yield approximately one harvest per quarter.


This harvest can be processed into products which are sent home free of charge — or you can sell the harvest to the company at current market value and receive cash for it.

The company managed to keep the quality and professionalism of its product range high from the very start, gaining not only partners but also enthusiastic customers. Now, according to the company, there is a strong focus on the products announced for 2022, among other things, the new beverage, which is planned to be launched in the spring.

The company offers effective solutions not only from a consumer perspective. Until January 10, there is the possibility to qualify for the “Leaders Summit” in Istanbul, which has a 5-day agenda of leadership coaching, party and lifestyle.*

*Required qualification: Achieve the rank of “MASTER GROWER” or create 20,000 EUR direct volume between December 10th, 2021 and December 10th, 2022.

And that’s not all. In addition to the invitation to the exclusive 5-star resort in the metropolis, there are also to be unique prizes to be won. The fast-growing company thanks its partners with unique prizes and a special that the industry has never seen before. iPlant Global differentiates between 3 categories in their incentive concept:

  • Category 1: Achieve a direct referral volume of 6,000 CV points between December 10, 2021 and December 10, 2022 in your iPlant member area and receive Apple AirPods Pro.
  • Category 2: Achieve a direct referral volume of 18,000 CV points between December 10, 2021 and December 10, 2022 in your iPlant member area and receive your choice of an iPhone 13 Pro or a MacBook Air. Last but not least, the highlight of this qualification. In addition to high-end Apple products, there is an opportunity to qualify for a Rolex watch.
  • Category 3: Achieve a direct referral volume of 50,000 CV points between December 10, 2021 and December 10, 2022 in your iPlant member area and receive a Rolex watch.

With these jaw-dropping awards, iPlant Global is not only wowing its partners, but the entire network marketing community and is making an impact in the industry. In 2022, the company aims to finally position itself among the top players in Europe and is preparing to expand into Africa and the Americas.

According to the company, the latest challenge is the regulation of certain nutrients in some countries, with inquiries already pending from major leaders in Turkey and the UAE.


For this launch, iPlant can not announce a date yet, but is nevertheless already creating the necessary structures so that it will soon be possible to operate in many more countries around the globe.


The company would like to place special emphasis on the value system that they represent. The development speed in the industry as well as the constant global political change often forces young companies to make changes which are not always in the advantage of the individual partner.

iPlant Global wants to lead by example and innovate in this area, but keep the spirit of its start and keep activities like events, partner trainings and other milestones as an integral part of its company culture.

About iPlant Global

iPlant Global GmbH is a growing premium brand for the production of high-quality cannabis products. Home In-house research laboratory, each plant sold online
represents the physical location of that variety in the so called “grow box”.

Experts with many years of experience. At iPlant Global we provide experience, knowledge and all the resources that are necessary for a high-yield harvest.

For more information please visit www.iplant-global.com and www.alphaplant.shop


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