Lyconet: This Was The TechSummit 2021 Powered by @media

In close collaboration, @media, the 360° Code Lab and travelWorld organized the most innovative event of the year for Lyconet Marketers: The TechSummit 2021 powered by @media, which took place in the Polish capital of Warsaw.

It just has been announced recently and Lyconet Marketers all around the globe are already very enthusiastic about it: The @media box.

This innovative and pioneering device promises special benefits for every ad watched – and this works, for example, while streaming a movie or playing a video game.

What makes the product even more attractive is the fact that Lyconet Marketers can give their @media boxes also to their customers and receive benefits as well when their customers are watching ads.

At the TechSummit 2021 powered by @media, which took place on 23 November 2021, the @media box was officially presented to the Lyconet Marketers – who were eager to try it out.

Fascination of technology up close

The TechSummit offered Lyconet Marketers the unique opportunity to experience the @media box live and in color for the first time. “The good thing is, you choose what types of ads and how often you want to see them. And then the @media box will match the ads with your individual needs”,

explains Hans-Christian Neuhold, CEO mediaWorld International.

This alone revolutionizes our view of advertising as we know it. In the future, people all around the world are going to watch customized advertisements and benefit from them at the same time.

“Thanks to our partnership with myWorld, you will get a commission in form of Shopping Points and Cashback for every advertisement you see”,

says Neuhold. During the last months, he and his team – in collaboration with the 360° Code Lab – have eagerly worked on the @media box, which Lyconet Marketers can soon secure for themselves.

An event with a gamification factor

In addition to a separate gamification area, where the @media box could be examined thoroughly, Lyconet Marketers had the opportunity to use a photo corner and to play ping-pong.

All of this took place in the spacious, modern and impressive premises of the 360° Code Lab in Warsaw. One of the most exciting keynotes was given by Max Bielecki, Managing Director of the 360° Code Lab.

But also Rainer Schuster, CEO travelWorld, had the opportunity to speak at the TechSummit 2021 powered by @media and talked about the close cooperation he had with the 360° Code Lab in the course of optimizing the travelWorld brand.

All in all, the TechSummit 2021 powered by @media provided all participating Lyconet Marketers the ideal conditions for exchanging ideas, making new contacts and getting to know the @media box. For all those who missed the event: You can find the video with all the highlights here:

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