Rodrigo Avila Dominguez From Mexico Achieves Crown Diamond Rank At XIFRA

Rodrigo Avila Dominguez is a network marketing professional from Mexico who boasts over 8 years of experience in the industry. Rodrigo was introduced into the business when he barely came of age. As it often happens, it was one of his close friends who offered him this opportunity and brought him to his first event.

“At that first event of mine, I had the chance to meet the highest rank at that company, and it was only after talking to him that I got a broader view and a bigger vision of what this industry was, of the impact you can have if you decide to do things in a professional way.”

Rodrigo decided to start straight away and dedicate himself to network marketing professionally. These were quite good beginnings as only after 6 months, and with a comprehensive training from his mentor, Rodrigo managed to achieve the rank of Diamond, becoming the youngest holder of that rank in that company globally.

“One thing that characterises me is that I am a very disciplined person and when I set my mind to something I don’t rest until I achieve it.


And so it was, with the guidance of this mentor, changing bad habits for good habits and putting action every day that I managed to reach the rank of Diamond.


It was there where I learned 2 big lessons. One is, if you believe you can make it, you are right, if you don’t believe you can make it, you are also right.


And another one, we have 2 ways to get to the goal, the first one is to walk by yourself, living your own experiences, fall, get up and keep going until you get there; the second is to learn from someone who has already done it, gain their trust and their time, learn from their experiences and you will get there much faster.

Rodrigo joined the XIFRA project over a year ago and he admits that at that time, he was particularly looking for a company like XIFRA, where, according to his words, “he could impact more people in the new economy of the pandemic”:

“The rules of the game for many had changed, so when I came to XIFRA and met our global master Mr Jonathan Sifuentes, I was shocked as I had never met a person with so much energy, certainty and clarity of what he was going to do. I saw a great vision, I met the person who is now my mentor, Mr Omar Salazar.


XIFRA is a company that never ceases to amaze me with all the innovation it is creating, a company that has an inclusive opportunity for anyone, a company that I am sure will mark a before and after in the industry for everything that is coming.


XIFRA seeks to bring the future to the present and to be an opportunity for anyone who wants to have tools for a better future and be a reference worldwide in this industry.”

Rodrigo is currently holding the rank of Crown Diamond and a record income of 3 million dollars in the last 15 months. He is now working on his path toward the next and the highest rank at the company, which is that of Royal President, in order to be able to support more people globally.

“The next rank is only my short-term plan, it is a way for more people in my organization to achieve their goals more quickly. But what I really want for my whole life is to be a reference worldwide and generate a positive impact with the great philosophy of this industry.


Let’s remember that network marketing is a people’s business, and you must always cultivate good relationships. People who understand this and don’t give up are the ones who achieve great things in this industry.


Today I have a philosophy that I apply in all areas of my life: I listen to everyone politely, but I only follow those who have the results, and that has shortened my journey a lot.”


XIFRA is a disruptive and innovative technology company with a global presence and a decentralised smart ecosystem. Making use of the MLM business model, the company’s main goal is to provide knowledge about the latest trends in cryptocurrencies and Blockchain technology with its proprietary algorithmic trading software, creating a decentralised financial protocol through the sharing economy.

XIFRA boasts an extensive ecosystem that also offers other business lines under the MLM model, such as wellness and beauty products, education, real estate solutions and hemp farming. For more information, please visit


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