Video How To Take Your Distributors To The Next Level – By Allan Badilla

15,000 Network Marketing Professionals from around the world came together in 2021 for an immersive generic training experience, a Masterclass:

How You Can Become A Rising Star”

35+ International Top Speakers, Coaches, Mentors and Rising Stars presented their trainings.

Allan Badilla from Costa Rica is multi million Top Earner in the Direct Selling Industry.

Success is a personal standard; it is grasping for the highest in us, becoming all that we can be. Likewise, there is only one motivation in achieving any standard we set for ourselves, and that is desire.

Nothing could ever contain or stand against it. Allan Badilla knew his standards and lived it out with their infallible desire.

Allan presented, for a worldwide audience from 100+ countries, in a 20 minutes video:

“ How To Take Your Distributors To The Next Level”

Subtitles are available, please use the auto translate button (cc button):

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