Video How To Use Your Dreams To Build Your MLM Business – By Igor Alberts

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Igor Alberts from the Netherlands is a Top Network Marketing Professional. Igor’s lifetime earnings in Network marketing exceeds $150 million.

34 years ago, he decided that the world was too big to spend his hours, days and years locked in a workplace that wouldn’t challenge him, wouldn’t fill his soul and wouldn’t allow him to enjoy that huge world.

He signed up for Network Marketing, 

Igor says:

This was a decision that many people make every day, but not all really commit to it.


Needless to say that network marketing is not an industry where one comes to do nothing: freedom, like everything, has a price, and that price is commitment, effort, and perseverance.

Igor Alberts presented for a worldwide audience from 100+ countries in a 20 minutes video:

“How To Use Your Dreams To Build Your Network Marketing Business”

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