Video How You Can Make Yourself A Leader in MLM – By Mona Christensen

15,000 Network Marketing Professionals from around the world came together in 2021 for an immersive generic training experience, a Masterclass:

How You Can Become A Rising Star”

35+ International Top Speakers, Coaches, Mentors and Rising Stars presented their trainings.

Mona Christensen, from Denmark is a Top network marketing profesional. She has worked as a coach, speaker and psychotherapist for more than 18 years and while learning about network marketing on the side. 9 years ago, all of it came together and Mona Christensen started to hit the high ranks in her company.

“My passion is working with people, and help them unfold their potential, no matter what line of work is right for them, although I off course recommend business opportunities with potential to receive residual income.


“Building solid teams is an organic process, and no two team are the same. It´s not just numbers and systems, it´s people who develop, rise and grow into leadership”

Mona presented for a worldwide audience from 100+ countries in a 20 minutes video:

“How You Can Make Yourself A Leader in Network Marketing”

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