Biotonus USA Appoints Jef Welch As CEO

Biotonus Network, the European consumer products, personal development and financial technologies conglomerate, announces the capitalization of its newly formed subsidiary, Biotonus USA, at $100 million.

In addition, Biotonus USA has completed the purchase of California-based Atteva International, the health and wellness startup of noted philanthropist Michael Wiedder.

 “I am excited about the opportunity for the Atteva family to become part of Markus Goller’s international Biotonus business conglomerate. Markus is an early investor in Atteva and has seen first-hand the benefits of our products. This also allows me to return to my true passion, my non-profit organization Heroes and Hope,”

says Michael Wiedder, founder of Atteva.

Atteva has been led by CEO Jef Welch since its inception. Welch and Goller have a business and personal relationship that goes back twenty years. Jef Welch was instrumental in bringing Goller to Atteva in the early days.

“I knew that Markus, with Atteva products and his extensive network, was the international partner we needed as a foundation in Europe. When he saw what we had, he wanted to be a part of the bigger story,”

says Jef Welch, CEO of Atteva.

Biotonus Network is one of the successful Direct-2-Consumer (D2C) organizations in Europe. Through Biotonus USA and the acquisition of the Atteva brand, Markus Goller can now offer his unique financial and personal training in North America. Over the past twenty years, Goller and his business partner Beate Nimsky, have helped thousands of entrepreneurs start, develop and grow successful businesses.

 “Expanding our global presence in North America through the acquisition of Atteva, as well as the opportunity to bring Jef Welch to our corporate team, is one of the visions Markus has been talking about for a long time,”

said Beate Nimsky, Board Member and COO of Biotonus.

Markus Goller elaborated;

“For twenty years I have been looking for an opportunity to build a global network together with Jef Welch. I met Jef in the direct selling world when he was leading the international expansion of two US companies into Europe.


We often talked about working together to help people who, like him and me, were starting from scratch to become financially successful business people. When Jef introduced me to the Atteva business in 2020 and asked me if I wanted to lead the expansion in Europe, I immediately said yes to the opportunity.” 

Markus Goller, founder and CEO of Biotonus Network continues:

With Jef Welch mentioning that Michael Wiedder was thinking about selling his business so he could focus 100% on his nonprofit, I knew this was our time.


I asked Jef if he would be willing to stay on as CEO if Wiedder and I could come to an agreement. When Jef made it clear that he was looking forward to such an opportunity, I contacted Michael Wiedder directly and we eventually reached an agreement.”


About Biotonus Network

 Biotonus is a for-profit company with a mission to help people around the world lead financially successful lives. Biotonus Network controls a portfolio of companies focused on the manufacture and distribution of health and wellness products and personal and financial development systems. The company operates in three industries, including health and wellness, wealth management such as personal training, and has a network of independent companies equipped with leading social selling technology.

About Atteva

ATTEVA means @nature. The company was founded in 2020. Michael Wiedder is the founder of ATTEVA and has previous experience as the owner of a successful global direct selling company. He then became involved in the creation of Heroes and Hope, a non-profit foundation. For more information about the company, visit


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