The Happy Co.’s Brand Partner Misty Lee Achieves Black Diamond Status

Field trips, school parties, awards assemblies and sporting events. These were just a few of the things Misty Lee missed out on when her kids were growing up.

“My husband and I were constantly going our separate ways for work and had very little time together,” says the 43-year-old Arkansas wife and mother of two. 


As much as it all broke my heart, and although we were ultimately still living paycheck to paycheck, I really saw no way to escape the cycle we were in at that time.”

That’s when Misty began eyeing the network marketing industry. But, she says, between 2012 and 2016 the businesses she tried only earned her a total of about $100. 

“By 2017, our daughter was a senior in high school, and the reality of all the moments I had missed in their lives began weighing heavily on me,” Misty explains.


Unhappy and unfulfilled in her role as a school nurse, she decided to make some changes. “I really dove deep into personal development and prayer—and truly began to find myself again.” 

That same year, Misty took another shot at network marketing, investing her time into free marketing technique training to help reach people on a larger scale and began making money. 

“Even though it wasn’t a full-time livable income,”

she explains,

“It was definitely a game changer in our family’s finances and motivated me to dive deeper into educating myself on the tools and techniques of the industry, specifically in learning to utilize social media to help grow my business.” 

By 2019, Misty was an RN case manager working her networking-marketing opportunity alongside her main job. Then, that spring, a friend introduced her to The Happy Co.

“In my very first month I had matched my income from my previous company, and by six months in I had actually doubled my income as a full-time RN case manager, just running my business part time from my phone,”

Misty says. After eight months as a Happy Co. brand partner Misty was able to resign from her RN role, and today she’s reached Black Diamond status with the company. 

“Professionally I’ve grown in so many ways,” she says. “I often look back at where I came from—knowing how many times I had failed in this industry in the past due to lack of confidence, training, tools and knowledge—and realize just how far I’ve come.”

In addition to attaining financial freedom, The Happy Co. has afforded Misty and her family the opportunity to enjoy the leisure opportunities from their new lifestyle. And though her children are now 23 and 21, Misty has been able to be more present in their life experiences. 

“The time freedom, flexibility and the opportunity to truly help people see what’s possible in this industry when you put in the work and align yourself with the right company, have all been breathed into life here,” she says, “And for that, I’m so incredibly thankful.” 


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