Biotonus Network Signs 3-Year Sponsorship Agreement With Ferrari

Biotonus Network Signs 3-Year Sponsorship Agreement With Ferrari Racing Sports & Scheelen Motorsports

Ferrari is recognized as the most powerful brand in racing around the globe. It creates dreams, evokes emotions, and connects a way of life with millions of fans worldwide.

Frank M. Scheelen, entrepreneur, racing driver, and best-selling author, has spent the last thirty years answering the two questions:

“How can a company be managed with excellence in times of constant change? And “What truly distinguishes outstanding leaders?”

While the answers may shift for some, for Scheelen it boils down to “Company Excellence!”

Scheelen states,

“The only way to achieve excellence is to develop outstanding leaders, enthusiastic employees, satisfied customers, and profitable companies.”

“When I learned that the major sponsorship was available for the Ferrari Racing Team, I knew I couldn’t pass it up. With our recent acquisition of Atteva from the United States, I knew now was the right time,” said Markus Goller, founder of Biotonus Network.

“When Markus called me and said he had a big surprise to help me promote the TevaGo brand worldwide, he dropped the news that Biotonus would be the main sponsor of Ferrari Challenge International and the Scheelen Ferrari racing team for the next three years. I was overwhelmed,”

says Jef Welch, CEO of Biotonus.

About Biotonus Network

Biotonus Network GmbH is a for-profit company with a mission to help people around the world lead financially successful lives.

Biotonus controls a portfolio of companies focused on the manufacturing and distribution of health and wellness products and financial development systems.

The company operates in three industries: Health and Wellness, Wealth Building, and Personal Training. It equips its independent companies with its proprietary social selling technologies to dominate in their niches. For more information visit Biotonus Network.

About Scheelen Motorsports:
Scheelen Motorsports & Events creates a direct link between professional motorsports and professional business, offering unique racing experiences, lectures and seminars. Emotions make the connection between motorsports events and the performance of top executives.

Get more information, facts and figures about Biotonus, click here for the Biotonus overview.

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