Eva Wang Is Crowd1’s Newest Ambassador

Women lead the way in climbing the ranks at Crowd1.

With a professional history in network marketing spanning 17 years, it should come as no surprise that Eva Wang has become so successful in her field. In a mere 2 years since joining Crowd1, the world’s leading influencer marketing company, she has attained the rank of Ambassador – becoming the second woman to do so in 2022.

It’s clear that, through hard work and dedication, a rewarding career in network marketing is indeed attainable. We chatted with the newest Ambassador to learn more about how she has become one of the most inspiring Top Leaders in Crowd1.

According to Eva, it all starts with a strong sense of self-belief and inner strength. In order to be the most effective leader to your downline, the confidence to take charge and responsibility is key.

She believes that her success stems from sharp insight and sound judgement – and that’s why she was able to recognise that Crowd1 was the opportunity of a lifetime and the number one choice for her.


She was able to utilise her global experience in network marketing – having lived in both Asia and North America – to see that Crowd1 has always been at the forefront and has had its finger on the pulse of what is exciting and enticing product-wise.

Passion and focus further make for a potent mix.

One of these exciting products is PLANET IX, the world-leading online crypto game, and by far Eva’s favourite among Crowd1’s stable of products. She especially loves PLANET IX because it incorporates blockchain, the Metaverse, NFTs, Play2Earn and superlative technological and gaming developments.

Eva believes that PLANET IX is the embodiment of Crowd1’s power, and its overwhelming success will attract more innovative companies and products to cooperate with Crowd1. This will assure growth and a more brilliant future.

Speaking of the Metaverse: for Eva, this is the future and the portal to a whole new world. With Crowd1’s 45 million global members, the company is the leader in the field, and she believes that it will only be a matter of time before the membership goal of 1 billion is reached.

As for her own inspiration, she looks towards Crowd1 founder Jonas Eric Werner. His committed work ethic and unbridled passion for the business gives her the boost she needs to keep working hard and achieve. She shares his vision of global expansion, and was especially impressed by Crowd1’s new spacious, modern office in Dubai. Despite the company’s impressive size, she still feels like she’s part of a family.

The newest Crowd1 Ambassador wants us all to be inspired too. Her advice is to “believe, create and then see”. Believe that you can create a new world, put in the hard work to get there – and then see the fruits of your labour. Work together as entrepreneurs, and we can change the world together.

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