OptimaLife Launched In The USA

OptimaLife has officially launched and is already expanding globally. OptimaLife has created one of the first virtual wellness clubs, which is available worldwide.

The OptimaLife Health and Fitness scans are a proprietary scanning technology providing up to 10 results categories in a report on your health and fitness.

Reports including your full Body Composition, Basal Metabolic, hydration levels, body fat measurements and more.  Members receive one health and fitness scan per month to track their progress and their results are integrated into a personalized nutrition tracker plus meal planning all in one.

OptimaLife Club is a virtual wellness club to optimize your health journey.  Members gain exclusive access to:

  • Inspirational Content
  • Health Scans AI
  • Workout Videos
  • Meal Planning
  • Nutrition Tracking AI
  • Weekly Coaching

Brandy Bright, Co-Founder and Chief Lifestyle Officer stated:

“OptimaLife has created a culture of health education and empowerment, where everyone is not only supported but welcomed in a judgement free environment. This has been a big missing piece in the industry and people are hungry for health-related information right now.


We have something for everyone no matter where they are in their journey to living a healthier lifestyle. Each week we interview doctors and health and wellness experts on various health topics as one of the many benefits of the OptimaLife Club. 


There has never been more important to be educated and empowered by your health decisions than in today’s misinformed world. We believe in health and wellness freedom with a holistic approach to your health and well-being”

Co-Founder & CEO Michael Carnevale said,

“In a time where our health is more important than ever, we are so excited to bring our worldwide wellness club to market. We have some of the most powerful AI driven technology powered by one of the best wellness and fitness solutions available today.”

Mike Lemire, Co-Founder & Industry Consultant said:

“OptimaLife is built for speed and flexibility helping global entrepreneurs create multiple streams of income. Up to 50% weekly payout along with a proprietary wellness club you can market in over 100 countries from day one.


No competition, no monthly website fees, no required autoship plus I love that  recruiting is not required to achieve ranks which is attracting social influencers and even fitness pros.”

About OptimaLife

OptimaLife was founded by Michael Carnevale, Brandy Bright, and Mike Lemire. These passionate entrepreneurs are driven to influence the world by delivering the ultimate products and healthy lifestyle experience. CEO Michael Carnevale brings 37 years of experience as a degreed, certified, nutrition, fitness and wellness professional. He and the OptimaLife team are committed to leading the company to fulfill its mission.

Our mission is to help people restore their body from the inside out, and the outside in. Our Passion is educating and empowering people to think for themselves, follow their dreams, spread light and love everywhere they go while encouraging others to do the same.

OptimaLife provides a generous rewards plan, cutting edge software, marketing tools and a model where Promoters can join for free globally.  Promoters can earn extra income from anywhere in the world just by sharing free tours of the OptimaLife Club.  For more information or to take a free test drive of the club, visit www.OptimaLife.com

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