Sisilia Morey From Peru Achieves Blue Diamond Rank At OmegaPro

Sisilia Morey is a young leader from Peru, who has recently reached the Blue Diamond rank at OmegaPro.

Sisilia is not exactly an experienced network marketing leader as she started up in the business only a little than two years ago, but she can already be defined as a professional.

Sisilia tells us that before joining network marketing, she was working in the traditional industry as a investment analist, which was something that defined her direction when she started to look for a new opportunity for her life.

“I really wanted to change my lifestyle and improve my financial situation. When I started in network marketing, there was one important point that I didn’t know or understand, which was leadership.


I tried to build a team, but it was practically rolling down the mountain. So I decided to really develop my leadership skills and started learning about personal growth, service leadership and team building.”

In 2019, Sisilia joined OmegaPro.

“As an economist by profession, I immediately got interested in the concept of selling financial services, especially if they are digital. It’s something that puts the company ahead of the world.


Diamond Junior Huanaquiri Gongora introduced me to OmegaPro when I was really looking to join an innovative company and become part of this digital evolution and transformation.”

Sisilia speaks about the support she received immediately after joining OmegaPro.

“I’m now surrounded by so many incredible leaders who give me all their support so I can grow as a leader myself. Among them are Black Diamond Jose Estrella and Black Diamond Daniel Montes, who are always their for me and for the team.”

Sisilia admits that her beginnings at OmegaPro were not easy, but rewarding.

“It’s been challenging, but also incredibly satisfactory. Perseverance and consistency, as well as being a teachable person is what helped me grow personally and professionally.


OmegaPro is going to be number 1 company in the network marketing business. Here, I started looking at life from a different angle and I can feel that my big dreams and important goals are closer and closer.


I’m sure that starting by changing my word, I can help change the whole world.”

Sisilia talks about her plans for the future, and they sound very ambitious:

“My short-term plans include reaching the Crown Diamond rank and helping the leaders of my organisation to get there as well.


As for long-term plans, I would like to be able to create companies that would provide quality education with the objective of transforming the mindset of the youth.”

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