Amplifei International And Üforia Science Unite With LaCore Enterprises

LaCore Entreprises Sees Huge Value In Unifying Amplifei International & Uforia Sciences With One Common Goal Nutrigenomics Research & Delivery.

Amplifei international and Üforia Science unify to establish unmatched dominance with an expanded and diverse portfolio of thoughtful, natural offerings inspired by advancements in epigenetics and Nutrigenomics research and discovery.

Kim Ressler, CEO of Üforia Science, says,

“This is the perfect time to bring Laura and Robert Oblon’s executive team and field leadership into the Üforia Science fold. Just as Üforia Science is poised to break health and industry barriers, we are propelled by Amplifei’s momentum and powerful products.


The world is ready for Üforia’s hyper-personalized DNA-based solutions, and with Amplifei on board, we are ready to take on the world.”

Robert Oblon, CEO of Amplifei stated:

“After years of watching Terry LaCore build his visionary group of companies, made up of the who’s who of our profession, we are profoundly blessed to find the right fit taking us all to the next level.


The joining of our companies is a marriage made in Heaven.


The cellular health prowess of Amplifei could not be a better fit for the revolutionary genius of Üforia Science’s one-of-a-kind, DNA-based, customized nutrition.”

In a combined statement, Ressler and Oblon say,

“We share a dedication to driving human potential for generational healthspan and wealthspan and believe in creating legacies of trust, opportunity, and responsive collaboration.


Combining our seasoned leadership teams uniquely positions us to drive long-term, sustainable growth for humanity’s highest good.”

In a second, combined statement, Eric Nepute, DC, and Andi Rainville, RN, clinical representatives of Amplifei and Üforia Science (respectively), say,

“In the 20-plus years we’ve worked to help our patients take back their health, we’ve never seen anything like what we’re about to have, combining gut and immune health with truly customized nutrition. With the beautiful synergy of Amplifei to Üforia, there’s no telling how many millions of lives we are going to change.”


Beginning immediately, the integration of Amplifei into Uforia Science will unfold over a period of at least 30 days. This multi-step process includes merging every level of operations including logistics, fulfillment, compensation, etc.

Frequent updates and communications to Üforia Science and Amplifei field-distributors are expected. About Üforia Science®

About ÜFORIA Science®

Launched in 2018, is a leading brand under the LaCore Enterprises umbrella and the world’s foremost supplier of DNA-based, personalized nutrition.

Its patented, proprietary technology allows for the ability to compound nearly 400-million unique supplement formulas based on a single individual’s DNA. Üforia Science’s mission is to empower personal wellness and professional opportunity impacting generations to come. For more information on Üforia Science®, visit

About LaCore™ Enterprises

LaCore™ Enterprises started in 2011 as a consulting firm supporting businesses with a team of innovative, creative, and engaged enthusiasts. The company grew to a full-service firm serving global markets.

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