Kimberly And Lisa Greene Achieve Black Diamond Rank At The Happy Co.

“I know you want to lose weight and need some extra money while you’re in school. You should try this.”

That was the fortuitous phone call Kimberly Greene received from a friend.

“[My friend] was right,” says Kim, who at the time had quit her job to work toward a master’s degree.

“And it goes to prove you don’t have to have the perfect script. It’s about connection and relationships, and the trust we had in that friend who introduced us to ‘happy coffee.’”

Not only did Kimberly lose 60 pounds, she also made more money sharing The Happy Co. products than she ever did as a medical social worker. Kim’s wife, Lisa, had recently retired from the Air Force, and as Kim’s business took off, Lisa quickly turned from supporter to co-business owner, investing in the goals and growth of the business.

Lisa, Kimberly and Zoey

The New Braunfels, Texas, couple live with 10-year-old daughter, Zoey, their golden doodle and two cats.

“When we started this business, we were excited to make enough money to pay the car payment while Kim was in school,” says Lisa.

“Soon, we made enough to pay all of the household bills and start paying off debt.


Our focus now is to be completely debt-free, paying off Kim’s student loans and then building wealth for our children.”

For Lisa it was more than that, too.

The success of their Happy Co. business not only allowed her to care for Zoey full time, it also gave her the opportunity to mentor others, help them reach personal financial goals, regain their time freedom and their belief in self.

Another thing the Greenes found in The Happy Co.? Acceptance.

“It doesn’t matter where you came from, your background, your race or beliefs,” says Lisa. “You just be you, and you are enough. We are all committed to a common goal of sharing happiness, however that may look for any individual.”

Adds Kim:

“Together, we have a goal to share happiness with others and to invest in the lives of those we build relationships with. We want to teach our daughter that you can accomplish any goal you set. You can do what you love while you love what you do! You get to create the life you dream of.”

About The Happy Co.

The Happy Co., formerly Elepreneurs, launched in February 2021 with an established foundation of successful nootropic, functional beverage products that enhance mood, boost energy, enhance sleep, and make you look and feel like a younger person.

The Happy Co. starts with products but does not end there. We are a lifestyle and a dose of happy. For more information about The Happy Co. go here.


Get more information, facts and figures about The Happy Co, click here for the The Happy Co overview.

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