Dubli Rebrands To e-ntrepreneur

E-ntrepreneur, hosted its first event under its new moniker, for an exclusive, invitation-only group of the company’s leading business associates.

The power training event, attended by a virtual who’s who of direct sales leaders from more than 13 countries, was held at the luxurious The One&Only Royal Mirage, a posh venue representative of the caliber of the event and its attendees. The event showcased the company’s new strategic priorities which were welcomed with great excitement and commendation.

What started almost 20 years ago under the Dubli brand is now exacerbated by the realities of living in the new millennium, which emphasizes the “Era of the Consumer.” No other period of time has relied so much on the consumer’s voice, choice, and willingness to share through the many social media channels available today.

This voice allows consumers to become the champions of brand trust. Influencers have exploded on the scene and taught the world just how monumental the voice of a single consumer can be in driving massive commerce.

In under 500 words, Influencers have earned companies revenue previously unknown or unexpected.

Direct sales is similar and e-ntrepreneur is betting that its leading Cash Back shopping portal is just the right vehicle for ensuring the success of the millions of Influencers worldwide.

Consumers today dictate success, demand, and what drives them, which translates directly into income and profitability for the products and services they covet. It is this phenomenon that makes word-of-mouth marketing more relevant and essential today than ever before in history.

E-ntrepreneur’s business associates simply build a referral-based business by referring customers and selling memberships to SaveMate.com, the world’s most sophisticated online shopping destination.

Combining the trust of the word of mouth marketing discipline with the opportunity to earn based on SaveMate.com’s elaborate shopping categories, has created e-ntrepreneur, the largest direct-selling e-commerce platform in the world.

Commenting on today’s announcement, Villads Vest-Hansen, CEO of e-ntreprenuer stated:

“Today, we commence our new trajectory as e-ntreprenuer, a brand that represents who we are as a company, and what we provide our valued business associates.

Never before has the opportunity to maximize, build and grow an independent business simply by referring customers and selling memberships to SaveMate.com been more significant. While others are daring to think big, e-ntrepreneur dares to think bigger.

The e-ntrepreneur model allows individuals the ability to create their own online global business by taking advantage of brand-name products and services they and their friends and family are already buying online.

E-ntrepreneur enables associates to enjoy all the advantages of running an independent business while avoiding the associated risks; allowing them to be in business for themself, but not by themself.”

There is little that can’t be found via SaveMate.com from its 20 shopping categories that represent thousands of leading brand name stores in 64 countries, each offering Cash Back rewards and many stacked with additional coupons, discounts, and vouchers. The savings to the consumer are endless.

Anyone not using SaveMate.com is literally leaving money on the table. Similar to Nike who believes that anyone with a body is an athlete, anyone with a wallet is a potential SaveMate.com shopper. A shopper who can also refer to their own friends and family.

About e-entrepreneur

E-ntreprenuer intends to take advantage of and embrace the voice of the consumer and their recommendations, referrals, and references as the primary formula for driving commerce, particularly online commerce.

To date, no other direct sales company has based its entire business model on everyday human behavior. People today spend their lives talking about products, services, interesting travels, and experiences.

Using SaveMate.com as the vehicle, e-entrepreneurs business associates simply need to introduce the ample savings opportunities available through SaveMate.com and its value-rich VIP membership.

For more information about e-ntrepreneur, please visit www.e-ntrepreneur.net.

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