FUD And VOLATILITY Are The Price Of Admission For MLM Success

By Ramin Mesgarlou: also know as The Forensic Networker.” and CEO of a MLM Company.

“In life you often hear things like “you have to pay the price to become successful”. What this usually refers to is sacrifice and work hard.

While this is definitely true, there is a step before “paying the price” that builds the foundation to be able to “pay the price” and that step is “Managing Expectations “.

This means that you are well aware of all the up coming emotional roller coaster events and that you should expect the path to MLM success to be rough and at time unpleasant.

In fact if you have chosen the right company (see my video “what is MLM and how to select the right company” on Youtube), the only reason you can fail is you missing this vital part – “Managing Expectations”.

Today I am going to share with you two main reasons why networkers quit or become inactive, they are Fud & Volatility. Let’s go through them.

  • F.U.D:

FUD stands for Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt.

FUD is the first important part of managing expectations that must be understood to be able to overcome it.

Let’s go though each separately.

  • FEAR

You must be able to manage little fears like making calling (prospecting) to be able to collect customers and resellers in your organization.

This is part of “Evolving” and becoming a better version of you and without it your income cannot evolve.

Of course evolving is a form of change and most are afraid of change so they stay the same and  never see progress. You must overcome little fears.


One of the few guarantees of life is “uncertainty” in every decision we make. This is especially true in important decisions like business and MLM is not immune to uncertainty. We must manage uncertainty when you are confused and not making money and when everyone tells you that you are wasting your time and you won’t make it.

How you manage uncertainty is understanding and believing in your compensation plan that it will get you to where you want to go. This belief should be confirmed by other high income earners in your company who have earned top incomes for years.

If you don’t have high income earners after the company has been in business more than 24 months, you need to reconsider the company or re-adjust your life income targets.


Demotivation is caused by doubt usually caused when the chips are down and you feel a gut wrenching frustration from the lack of progress.

This is where most quit and never give it enough time for the compensation plan to be able to compute their efforts and productivity over time and turn them in to commission cheques. 

Of course getting quick commission cheques are fun and preferred and although those stories are loud, they are not the norm. For most MLM participants the initial work is fruitless but it is building the foundation for lifelong residual income over a prolong period of time.

The tool I have always used successfully to manage daily FUD is create what I call a “Promise List” where I really challenge the extend of my imagination with the absolute best lifestyle I can imagine for my family.

Notice I didn’t call it a “goal list” because I am not a believer of goals. I believe goals are merely like a new years resolution that only lasts a few weeks or months before they are abandoned by most.

The reason is goals to most people is something that would be “nice to achieve”.

In Forensic Networker I use the term “Promise List” instead of goals over the past three decades and have seen it to be magnitude more effective in achieving life targets vs. setting goals.

The big difference of Promise List vs. Goal list is that Promise lists is personal to the individual as it is their promise and most people will do all they can to keep their promises where goals don’t carry the same attachment and sense of responsibility with it’s maker.

So change your goal list to a Promise List and get amazed on how your behavior changes.


There is no doubt that MLM is one of the highest paying professions in the world but the path to high income is very volatile and unstable no matter where you are on the ranking system of the company compensation plan.

As you go through your normal business cycles, it is not hard to see a 50% or higher drop in income in your MLM business. Although this volatility is frustrating, it is an important part of wealth creation in MLM.

You have to remember that a 50% drop in income started with 100%+ gain in income before the drop. These peaks and valleys of income is called volatility and every high paying profession has it. 

There are plenty of money that can be made in stock markets when the market is good followed by a market correction aka “crash” where tons of monies are lost.

Same is true for cryptocurrencies where good projects rocket up in value followed by a massive crash after words. These industries are high energy markets with huge up side potentials and up side potential markets also possess large down side corrections.

MLM is one of the highest energy industries ever existed so expect some volatilty as you grow your cheque. Volatility goes both ways high or low and MLM’s volatility is most violent in the beginning where you can see your income rise hundreds of percent weekly followed by a huge correction.

In low energy professions like jobs, volatility is low or does not exist but the trade off is it lacks potential so you will never be able to achieve your ideal lifestyle. So although volatility can be frustrating,

IT IS THE ONLY REASON MLM MAKES MILLIONAIRS. If it cannot rapidly crash, it cannot rapidly go up so manage expectations that your MLM income regardless of the rank will tank and rise violently in cycles over time.

  • Once you have fully adapted FUD & VOLATILITY, you are now ready to “pay the price” for success.

Without it, you don’t have a strong foundation to withstand the heavy lifting required to create MLM success. So the next time your income crashes by 80%, don’t get discouraged and know that as long as you keep doing the same things that got you to that high income before, your income will rebound to new all time highs over time.

Unfortunately for some who don’t know this MLM secret, volatility is looked upon as lack of stability and cause of frustration and this will eventually lead to inactivity that will then becomes the cause of the demise of the empire.

So don’t forget, MLM offers some unprecedented advantages for the average person to hit financial home runs but there are costs and they are.

FUD and VOLATILITY are the price of admission for MLM success. 

About The Forensic Networker:

About Ramin Mesgarlou & The Forensice Networker

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