Kyäni Announces Evolution Of Corporate Leadership

Kyäni, Inc., an internationally recognized health and wellness company, today announced that it is making enhancements to its senior leadership team to support the evolving growth and innovation of the company, with Katy Holt-Larsen leading that charge as Kyäni’s new Chief Executive Officer.

Having served as Kyäni President since December of 2020, Katy has expanded the company’s product innovation, implemented the Nitro Nutrition™ program, and continues to create visionary strategies for success and forward momentum. Carl Taylor, Kyäni Founder, will step away from the role of CEO  to support Katy in her new role.

“Since joining Kyäni, Katy has brought amazing energy, organizational skill, excitement, and insight with her leadership. I’m looking forward to seeing Katy excel in the role of CEO,” remarked Carl Taylor.

“I am not stepping away, and I’m not slowing down. I’m still a Kyäni Founder and Chairman of the Board, and I’m still here every day. I’m excited to work in partnership with Katy as she leads us forward.” 

Katy Holt-Larsen stated :

“It is truly my honor to accept this responsibility. I am absolutely in love with Kyäni. I’m in love with who we are, our products, our opportunity, and the changes we make in thousands of lives all around the world.

I’m 100% committed to helping this company reach its destiny. I truly believe that we have nowhere to go but to continue to grow.”

With the combined leadership of more than 75 years of experience, other leadership enhancements include:

Miguel Beas has been appointed the role of Chief Sales Officer. During his short time with Kyäni as Vice President of Latin America, he’s been instrumental in leading growth. In this new role, he will harness his expertise and knowledge to unify the global field to achieve even greater sales.

Renzo Higinio will lead the Latin America Region as Managing Director of Latin America.

Michael Breshears has been named the President of Asia, where he has been driving the market with a strong vision and innovative strategies that continue to build a thriving market.

Kristen Knight has officially joined Kyäni as a board member and will play a significant role in guiding the implementation of product and marketing strategy to continue pushing Kyäni’s product innovations.

With the success of the Nitro Nutrition program — a proven balanced nutrition program that provides products to promote the body’s production of nitric oxide, an essential molecule required for overall health, and the launch of several new products, including Origin™ and Restore®, Kyäni continues to provide leading-edge products and a powerful business model that’s creating success on a global scale.

About Kyäni

Kyäni, Inc., founded in 2007, is an internationally recognized health and wellness company based in Idaho Falls, Idaho, USA.

From its inception, Kyäni has been the globally recognized pioneer of Nitro Nutrition™ and antioxidant support by being the first to recognize the efficacy of the Wild Alaskan Blueberry and ingredients that support natural Nitric Oxide production in the body.

With their selection of core products, which include The Triangle of Health®, powerful Protein Nutritionals, and the ON nootropic energy shot, Kyäni harnesses the power and potency of wild and natural ingredients to lead the way in increasing and improving overall health and wellness through proper nutrition.

With its value rooted in unrivaled, wild-sourced nutritional supplements, Kyäni is also able to offer a rewarding opportunity to its Business Partners in over 50 countries around the world. For more information, please visit

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