Premier CBD Maker, Mons Pura, Announces Full Transition To Network Marketing

Mons Pura, a premium CBD growing and manufacturing enterprise, has announced they’ve launched a full-scale network marketing business in the fast-growing CBD health & wellness vertical.

They previously sold their products through e-commerce and retail partners.

Co-Founder, Mark McDougal stated:

“We did not make this decision without a lot of strategic legwork. We engaged some of the world’s most respected minds in network marketing, we ran multiple business models, and incorporated our own experience selling CBD.

In the end, it became clear – network marketing is the single best way to get Mons Pura products into the hands of people who most need them.”

Beginning January 12th, 2022, Mons Pura entered the world of network marketing using a soft launch approach. This allowed the company to use a controlled environment to work through any potential challenges with their processes, including their backend software platform. The company has already enrolled over 300 influencers and customers during their soft launch phase and have announced a summer event on June 18th in Park City, UT.

Mark reveals,

“It’s now time for the next step in our journey to share the world’s best CBD with others. We’re excited to offer a handful of frontline positions to experienced network marketing professionals.

We know great networkers are the lifeblood of our business and we’ve built a compensation plan that demonstrates this sentiment.”

Part of their compensation plan includes a generous Founder’s Club for those who enroll by January 2023. The Mons Pura Founder’s Club allows eligible Influencers (their term for “distributor”) to share in the company’s overall revenue.

Mons Pura was founded by 6th generation farmer Mark McDougal, and his two sons, Richard and Aaron. They’re expertise in large, commercial farming is a key reason for their success. Mons Pura is a vertically integrated CBD company; they control every step of the process.

They plant their genetically specialized seeds in their custom-built greenhouse environments. Then, they grow and harvest the plants using proprietary growing processes and nutrients. Once the crop is harvested and tested, they begin the extraction process in their state-of-the-art extraction facility. Here they’ve developed proprietary extraction processes that ensure the highest quality CBD extraction. Finally, Mons Pura formulates, bottles and labels their products.

Using their in-house lab, they test the product multiple times throughout the entire growing, extraction and bottling processes. They believe this is a critical detail in order to verify quality. They also have all products third-party tested so their customers can have an added measure of confidence.

“We know that not all CBD is created equal,” says Aaron, “And we also know that our CBD is created to be the strongest, most effective, safest, and most natural of any CBD in the world.”

Richard adds, “We often hear, ‘I’ve tried CBD and it doesn’t work for me.’ We take that opportunity to help them understand the importance of taking a potent and pure product, the importance of taking enough, and the importance of taking it every day.”

Mons Pura offers live and virtual tours of their extraction facility. During these tours, participants experience the extraction process, learn how CBD works, and get a window into the quality of Mons Pura products. Private tours are offered weekly through their online scheduling system at

About Mons Pura:

Mons Pura is a vertically integrated CBD company based in Pleasant Grove, Utah, USA. They also have locations in New Castle, Utah and Vineyard, Utah.

Mons Pura was founded in January 2019 upon the passage of the Agriculture Improvement Act in December 2018 (i.e. “Farm Bill”). They have since become one of the world’s leading growers of industrial hemp and the world’s foremost CBD extraction facility.

They produce a lineup of products that include a variety of tinctures and topicals being recommended by doctors and used throughout the United States. You can learn more at

Get more information, facts and figures about Mons Pura, click here for the Mons Pura overview.

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