Root Wellness Accused Of Fraud By Top Network Marketing Professionals

Root Wellness stated in their company profile:

“At ROOT, our goal is to create products that honestly improve your life on a daily basis. We know that when you love something, it’s only natural to share it with people you care about.

Part of living a healthy life also includes having a healthy bank account. That’s why we’ve created a revolutionary community sharing model that allows you to reap the rewards of ROOT, from a wellness perspective, and financially.

The great part is, you don’t have to jump through any tricky sales hoops to do it.”

Seems that is not the case:

A Top Network Marketing professional *, in good standing stated and accuses the company and founder Clayton Thomas as follows:

1.Investment funds in return of company ownership. We were promised company ownership when we invest money which we did but we got fraudulent operating agreement and never got any certificate of company ownership or anything.

Until today, the money was gone and nothing was received in return. No ownership, no company reports as every owner should have etc., nothing.

They simply took this money and they keep working forward like nothing happened.

My investment amount was ten of thousands but I also do know another few investors in different amounts and much higher.

2. Bills repayment. Aside the initial investment I was also paying bills for the company for the first few months such as monthly IT development, initial product packaging etc.

3. All the hours and work we have put in developing the company – corporate salary.

From this side if we know just basic hourly payment beside even understanding what company executives in this industry brings to the table, we are owed over thousands for about 18 months of work between myself and my partner.

A lot of promises has been made as the other business mentioned, nothing has been done.

4. Team building commissions.

In 2021 our distributor position was taken over by Clayton Thomas. He has simply entered his email over our position and has taken over our entire team that at that time was over thousand of members.

Of course he keep cashing out now from this position, attaching one of the screenshots where you can see that the money was transferred from our account commissions account to his own account.

I am estimating that between April 2021 and today company owns us a fortune in commissions since many members we sponsored and know are making significant revenue in the company.

5. Stealing of the members we sponsored and moving them under their own positions of Clayton Thomas, Christina Rahm Cook. and also another executive in the company – Ted Baker.

An other Top Network Marketing professional* in good standing stated and accuses the company and founder Clayton Thomas as follow:

“Clayton Thomas is a complete fraudulent narcissistic person and the world needs to know.

Here is short list of things he did without going in detail:

  • Made countless promises to investors and partners which he didn’t deliver
  • Stole money from several investors which he never paid back
  • Manipulated positions and their downlines
  • Moved downlines to benefit himself
  • Blatantly stole downlines
  • Restructured downlines to funnel payments to himself in the comp plan
  • Stole commissions”

We have reached out to Root wellness for a statement however we did not receive an immediately response. We have placed temporarily Clayton Thomas on the MLM Blacklist.

*Both Top Network Marketing Professionals are known at Business For Home.

On May 31 we received through an un-official Gmail the next response of Root Wellness, we are pretty sure it comes from the corporate team. (Our team slightly edited the typo’s) (In red our BFH comment) 

Root Wellness:

“Please remove Clayton Thomas from the MLM Black list and remove the recent slanderous hatchet job of an article about him.


(Root Welness pays residual commissions down two levels of recruitment, through a uni-level compensation structure. The Matching Bonus is capped down five levels of recruitment. That means MLM / Direct Selling and therefore Root Wellness qualifies for our database).

ROOT is the next generation of social commerce and true social network marketing. Please remove the Review of ROOT Wellness on your site. (No, see above comment). None of the figures, reviews or data is accurate. If you would like correct details please ask.

2. The nefarious claims are not supported by a single word of evidence.  (We have the statements) I am pretty sure Business For Home is not a smut based tabloid. (Correct) The article is a poorly written personal attack from two people who defrauded ROOT corporate (Where is the evidence?) and have failed at their own endeavours trying to sell gingko water in a 1oz bottle. (Not relevant for this case)

3. The hit piece names no individual. If the allegations made were actually legitimate legal action would have been filed in TN. None has been filed.

The parties who make the claims would have named themselves if any single statement was true. All of these statements are slanderous and defamatory. In every other article on the site, names are always used yet with this there are none.

4. The parties behind the article stole over $1M from ROOT. (Where is the evidence?) One of the parties is part of a multimillion dollar crypto-ponzi fraud scheme (Where is the evidence?).

She is mexican drug cartel tied (Evidence?) and stole $5M from the cartel (Evidence?) she was associated with and then went into hiding in Tennessee (Evidence?) with her boyfriend/now husband. (Name removed)

Business For Home got their $5000 fee (Business For Home did not receive a single payment to publish this article) for posting the article, now the article can be removed.

While ROOT Wellness is a US based company the European entity happens to be domiciled in Amsterdam where proper legal action against Business For Home can be taken if the article is not removed.

If you wish to get facts you can reach The ROOT Brand corporate team at (email removed)

Until you have a single word of proof to your sachet job of a story please remove the article and the black list statement.”


Get more information, facts and figures about Root Wellness, click here for the Root Wellness overview.

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