Tenacity pays off for Crowd1 Ambassador Magnus Larsson

Hard work gets him where he needs to be.

What do you do if school is just not for you? Well, if you have an entrepreneurial spirit, a never-give-up mentality and a preternatural ability to work hard, you can still reach the upper echelons of business and success.

Take for instance one of the most recognisable leaders in Crowd1: Magnus Larsson. Magnus realised quite early in life that he needed to forge his own path, and what a trailblazer he has turned out to be.

We sat down with him to learn more about his background, what makes him tick, and what he’s excited about for the future.

Living in London running a fintech company very much sounds like a success story – and that’s where Magnus found himself towards the end of 2019. It must have taken quite a special company to draw him away from fintech, but when it’s a company like Crowd1 it’s easy to see why Magnus leapt at the opportunity to be part of the leader in influencer marketing.

“I had to get involved. This was the absolute best concept I’d ever heard of”

said Magnus Larsson

With his passion for this industry, as well as for assisting other people to become successful too, it was clear that Magnus would be a force to be reckoned with.

His passion extends to the Metaverse, and it’s in this sphere that he sees Crowd1 take the lead as well. From crypto, NFTs and play-to-earn, Magnus sees the Crowd1 business model as being key to its success in this new frontier.

With PLANET IX, the crypto-based online game (and also Magnus’ favourite Crowd1 product), the newest release of Metaversy (where members can trade virtually in the Metaverse) and partner company Moon Birdie (the easy-to-use crypto education platform), Crowd1 is out in front.

What is Magnus looking forward to?
He envisions Crowd1 breaking records with new members, more next-generation products and more members ranking up. He’s going full-throttle, and taking his team with him.

For those who wish to follow in his footsteps, Magnus offers classic advice: never give up; work hard, but stay humble; and support others to rise up with you.

He’s inspired by people with passion, those who are committed to improving themselves, independent thinkers and kind souls. He emphasises looking towards other successful people for guidance, but also being clear about what your goals are.

It’s exactly these attributes that have seen Magnus Larsson reach the rank of Ambassador, and which will see him become even more successful in the future.

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