Allan Badilla Achieves Double Diamond Rank At Zeta

Allan Badilla, an emblematic Costa Rican networker, coach, and speaker with more than 16 years in the industry, became a Double Diamond in just 7 days at Zeta.

Through his leadership and with one of the largest networks of leaders in the world, this great leader has managed to position himself as the legend of the Network Marketing industry.

The results do not lie, in recent years Allan Badilla has become a mentor and trainer of high-level teams, creating true success stories around the world. A clear demonstration of being a true leader.

Allan took a step forward after his resounding successes in the last 6 years in the digital era and decided to join a great team to become co-founder of ZETA Group, a company that comes to transform the industry and in which achieved unprecedented success, breaking a new record with commissions above USD 70,000 in just 7 days, after having reached the rank of Double Diamond.

Last May 11, Allan Badilla expressed in a video posted on his Instagram account that he was ready to lead the industry towards a transformation that he calls THE 4.0 REVOLUTION.

In this new stage, this industry icon is focused on leading the REVOLUTION 4.0 movement to success through consistent results, quality education and business programs to enhance the skills of entrepreneurs and take them to the next level.

“He who does not evolve disappears. Our industry has been criticized for decades; all the big companies have gone through that process. We are building a new category in network marketing.

Many world leaders, with an impeccable track record, continue to join this Revolution”,

says Badilla.

The great step that Allan Badilla, is taking in this industry is undoubtedly a growth opportunity for all the leaders of his company, where we will witness new records and true success stories.

Together with his company ZETA Group, he is determined to continue making history through real leadership and using new technologies, to continue impacting millions of lives in the digital age.

“I have a vision to change the industry, where all people have the freedom to become great leaders capable of achieving their goals and living their dreams.”

His results are the representation of success and dedication throughout his entire career in this industry, where he has been able to impact through his decision-making power and leadership leaders with a presence in more than 100 countries and around 500 different cities around the world.

The network marketing record man promises to reach a new rank in a time never seen in the industry by finishing the cycle, expanding his network around the world and turning more people into successful entrepreneurs of THE 4.0 REVOLUTION.

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