Carlos Arteseros appointed as CEO of DECENTRA

The most recent event of DECENTRA, Revelation, marked the official launch of the project and brought some exciting news and new appointments.

One of the latter was Carlos Arteseros, taking on the role of Chief Executive Officer of the company.

Carlos Arteseros, from Madrid, Spain, has build his professional career in the development of management systems and risk analysis in a broad spectre of business areas.

This brought him into contact with network marketing organisations 17 years ago, where he would evaluate the systems both from an administrative point of view and the side of business developers.

“My first contact with the industry was in 2004 with the company Avon, where we implemented a management optimisation system.

From then, we have supported companies such as Mary Kay, Natura, Sri, among others, over the last few years.

Working with these companies allowed me to appreciate not only the inner processes of the multilevel companies, but also to analyse the reasons why some succeed and others fail.

It also allowed me to understand the elements that make MLM companies a more effective and efficient alternative of providing products or services to users.”

Carlos also admits that he regrets not having joined the network marketing industry himself as a leader and distributor in view of the ultimate effectiveness of the system.

Carlos’s relationship with DECENTRA started when the company took the courageous decision to implement a management system, a risk analysis programme and to create corporate governance by enlisting the services of INTEDYA, the company Carlos was managing in the past. He soon became an advisor to DECENTRA as part of the project.

“After analysing the company from the perspective of growth potential and performance, it was clear that I was looking at one of the companies with the greatest global projection added to world-class services and disruptive systems unparalleled in the market.

Obviously, when I was offered the opportunity to lead this project, I had no doubt to be part of DECENTRA.

The network of entrepreneurs, the executive team, the services offered and the vision of the founder make DECENTRA a mature and consolidated company since its conception.

In the few days that we have been operating, we are experiencing a success that makes DECENTRA the generator of a historic transformation.

The short-term result is that we will soon, if not already, be the world’s largest membership company. Because we must remember that our ecosystem of services is unparalleled in the market.”

As CEO of DECENTRA, Carlos has three main functions, according to his words. Firstly, he is the representative of the company to markets, investors and potential strategic partners. Secondly, he is responsible for adapting and implementing the guidelines determined by the board of directors.

Thirdly, he must safeguard the financial health and ensure the sustainability of the company to guarantee the continuity of the business.

“In the short term, my priority is to consolidate the internal structures that will allow us to support the explosive growth we know we will soon experience.

By ensuring that the internal management systems are robust, we will be able to exceed the expectations of our community in a stable manner.

As for the longer term, we already have a large number of services in development that we will continue to add to our ecosystem to increase the compensation of our community, the profitability of the company and the overall growth of the organisation.”

Finally, Carlos leaves us a statement that sounds like a declaration of intent:

“As a professional with more than 25 years in international companies, it is a unique opportunity for me to apply my experience and competence in a global organisation with all the ingredients to become a world-class company.

I am fully committed and excited to have the fortune to participate in this great project.”


DECENTRA is in a positioning phase with global leaders as a technology and education company that creates tools to make technology and financial opportunities accessible to everyone.

DECENTRA defines itself as a DeFi strongly committed to innovation and the most disruptive new technologies, both in the financial field and in other types of applications: smart contracts, virtual reality, NFT, Blockchain technology.

DECENTRA dares to understand the future to conquer the present, and to prepare people in the present to transform their future. To find out more, please visit:

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