DECENTRA Appoints Omar Salazar As Vice President Of Sales

According to a DECENTRA press release:

Recently launched DECENTRA is now celebrating a new member of the corporate staff, Omar Salazar, who has been appointed as Vice President of Sales.

Omar comes from the network marketing industry, of which he has been part for over 15 years, to apply his experience and knowledge in his managing position.

Before joining DECENTRA, first as an affiliate, Omar went through several companies, and not all of those experiences could be said exactly positive. He admits that he was able to take off for real only in 2020 when he finally joined the world of crypto.

“One of my mentors in the industry, Gerardo Del Castillo, once told me “Better be prepared for an opportunity that is not there yet than not be prepared, and an opportunity presents itself.”

I understood that it was preparation and experience that made me discover previous opportunities.

I had excellent results, but when my friend and mentor Jonathan Sifuentes told me about the opportunity DECENTRA and introduced the corporate team and leadership, I didn’t have to think twice: the enemy of the good is the best.”

Omar tells us how excited he is about working with DECENTRA:

“Simply spectacular. I see a company working hard on the mistakes of the past that have been present in many network marketing companies.

It’s a well-structured company, and although we just did pre-launch, thousands of people have joined the vision.”

After all the years of experience in the network marketing industry, Omar has understood very well that a true blessing is being able to bring success and happiness in the life of other, which is well fitted with the position of Vice President of sales:

“My purpose in this life is now using DECENTRA as a vehicle is to create a legacy, to know that more than 2 million independent entrepreneurs will benefit from having taken immediate action.

As Vice President of sales, I’m planning to be very involved with the leadership in the field.

I want to help all DECENTRA entrepreneurs become professionals, learn skills that will help them in life and with the profits, to diversify into businesses they are passionate about and build family wealth.

In the long term, I’m confident that I will prepare my 4 children professionally to follow their father’s legacy and continue to create innovative businesses in which they benefit as many people as possible.”

Omar leaves a message of teaching to all the readers:

“I simply want to remind you of something: you were born to be rich, to get rich by using your talents for the benefit of others.

Prepare yourselves every day, don’t give up. If you are going to throw in the towel, let it be on a beach somewhere in the world.

Find a mentor, someone you admire and earn their mentorship, it will be worth it: it will save you years of failures, and your learning curve will be super short, and you will get the results you expect.”


DECENTRA is in a positioning phase with global leaders as a technology and education company that creates tools to make technology and financial opportunities accessible to everyone.

DECENTRA defines itself as a DeFi strongly committed to innovation and the most disruptive new technologies, both in the financial field and in other types of applications: smart contracts, virtual reality, NFT, Blockchain technology.

DECENTRA dares to understand the future to conquer the present, and to prepare people in the present to transform their future. To find out more, please visit:

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