DECENTRA Officially Launched In Mexico With 4,000 Attendees

According to a DECENTRA press release:

Revelation was the official kick-off event for the new DECENTRA era. The company makes it clear that this is not just an inaugural event for its operations, but the start of a new way of doing business using the most advanced decentralised technologies available today. From the very beginning of this event, DECENTRA makes a clear statement of intent:

“We are the gateway between the present and the future”.

Over 4,000 people gathered at Citibanamex centre in Mexico City to witness the birth of the innovative project of the year. Just the day before that was dedicated to professional trainings, workshops and motivation conferences given by major company leaders from all around the world, motivational speakers and representatives of the corporate team, among them the Chairman of the board.

Two ballrooms were booked for such occasion in order to give enough room and time for all those who wished to see on stage world-class experts who came to share their knowledge, experience and great success stories.

The workshops in the two ballrooms were held at the same time, and among the speakers who came on stage we could see:

Shane Morand on stage in Mexico
  • Chairman of the board Shane Morand, expert, mentor and global business leader;
  • Carlos Arteseros, managing partner of Intedya;
  • Gorka Buces, Executive Vice President of DECENTRA and an influential business coach;
  • Arnold Sierra, Chief Operating Officer of Futswap;
  • Björn Arnstedt, Global Expansion Ambassador for DECENTRA; as well as several renowned motivational speakers and life/business coaches:
  • Yoniel García
  • Omar Villalobos
  • Titto Gálvez
  • Alex Dey
  • Diego Dreyfus
  • Emmanuel Bernstein, the latter one of the leading African-American men in the field of direct sales.

The first voices to be heard during the day on June 28 were those of the Independent Entrepreneurs: representatives of the company’s sales force, who introduced some concepts to the audience (which was mostly also independent entrepreneurs), such as the faith in the vision, the use of modern technology and the business model.

Shortly afterwards, and as an opening to the more corporate part of the event, Shane Morand, the Chairman of the Board, invited us to better understand the concept of DECENTRA and, above all, its long-term path in the coming years.

Shane himself presented various products and services:

  • Ovusky, the travel platform
  • Hikvault, crypto portfolio manager
  • Moon Converter, currency converter
  • Decentra University,which features exclusive content from John Maxwell, as well as hours and hours of educational material on finance, technology, business and leadership.

Despite having started with some very attractive topics and very important news, the event still had a lot to offer, and after Shane Morand’s speech, it was time to talk about international projection and growth plans at a global level, for which different international leaders offered their vision.

It was especially constructive to understand the different approaches for different continents, directly from the minds of the leaders representing them.

Revelation also featured excellent external speakers on personal development, business strategy and finance, including Ioannis Kantartzis who gave a masterclass on trading and Arnold Sierra who explained the collaboration between DECENTRA and its payment and neobanking service Futsawp, which facilitates the usability of cryptos in any business and service.

In the last part of an intense night of information and announcements, and after a mentoring session that raised the spirits of those present, there was still one more surprise to put the icing on the cake. It was time to meet the new CEO of DECENTRA: Carlos Arteseros.

Carlos Arteseros is a business expert with more than 25 years of work in strategy and consultancy to large companies, some of the most important and positioned in the lists of companies with the highest profits in the United States.

Decentra launch in Mexico

He is a person with a clear and decisive vision for the company and who conveyed with strength and confidence at the event that the project was in the best hands to turn DECENTRA into one of the most important companies in the world in the coming years.

DECENTRA is a fresh network marketing opportunity that has come to break barriers and build a bright future where entrepreneurship and digitalisation of services must go hand in hand.


DECENTRA is in a positioning phase with global leaders as a technology and education company that creates tools to make technology and financial opportunities accessible to everyone.

DECENTRA defines itself as a DeFi strongly committed to innovation and the most disruptive new technologies, both in the financial field and in other types of applications: smart contracts, virtual reality, NFT, Blockchain technology.

DECENTRA dares to understand the future to conquer the present, and to prepare people in the present to transform their future. To find out more, please visit:

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