iX Global and NAOW Create Joint Venture in Latin America

iX Global and NAOW Group have joined forces by creating a strategic partnership in order to better serve the Latin American community.

Joe Martinez founded iX Global in 2020 and in two short years the company and its brand ambassadors have generated over 75 million dollars in sales around the globe through its digital platform and offerings.

Óscar Arraya and Araceli Añaños founded NAOW Group in 2016, and currently operate in five different countries through a network of over one hundred and fifty thousand brand ambassadors who market physical products in the areas of nutrition, functional beverages, and personal care. 

Óscar Araya and Araceli Añaños, who currently reside in Ecuador, are well known throughout the Latin American direct selling community for their integrity and leadership, having built trust throughout the region for over twenty years.

They founded NAOW Group with the specific intent to better serve their community, as many other organizations had over-promised and under-delivered to them for years. They and their team have built NAOW into a force to be reckoned with due to their experience, work ethic, and understanding of their chosen markets. 

Joe Martinez has also been successful in the direct selling space for over a decade, and has specialized in finding and fostering teams in different markets around the world. As he built organizations from Latin America to Asia, he became frustrated by the same problem Oscar and Araceli faced with organizations either not living up to their promises or being incapable of delivering on their word.

So he started iX Global in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic in 2020, and despite the challenges associated with starting a new business in such a difficult economic environment, he has turned iX Global into one of the most exciting young direct selling companies in the world. 

As Joe, Óscar, and Araceli share similar goals and experiences, it was not hard for them to come together and create a synergistic opportunity based on a shared vision to Innovate, Inspire, and Impact the world.

Joe and iX Global bring the excitement and flexibility of a digital platform and services to this joint audience, while Óscar, Araceli and NAOW bring the stability and longevity of physical products.

In fact, after working exclusively with physical products for nearly two decades Óscar has decided to embrace the new digital era through the fusion of NAOW and iX, and has decided to fully return to the field to build teams all around the world. 

Both organizations feel that the global direct selling community has been waiting for this potent combination of time honored products with digital technology to create an exciting opportunity that is sustainable long term. Adding the leadership acumen and owner’s experience to this combination creates a powerful opportunity that will explode not only in the Latin American region, but in markets around the world. 

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As iX moves into March and the rest of 2022, its 100 million dollar sales goal is firmly in its sights. To learn more about iX Global and see what is coming next, please speak with the person who shared this article with you, or visit us online at ixglobal.us.

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