Miguel Posada Achieves Diamond Rank At Zeta

Miguel Posada, business coach, finance and project structuring specialist, family man and successful entrepreneur, makes history and in just 2 weeks, becomes the first Diamond in Zeta.

Through his leadership he opens the way for future leaders in Colombia, Latin America and the world.

“My vision is to have more than 5,000 people in my network in the next year, transform their lives and impact their hearts, the goal is clear,”

says Miguel Posada.

The Colombian has been characterized by his achievements as a successful entrepreneur in the city of Medellin. In 2019, he received recognition as young entrepreneur of the year for the growth and development of his brand “I love Chelada” a frozen soda with hints of fruit that currently has 100 points of sale nationwide.

During the pandemic he had to overcome several challenges, including the closure of his points of sale. However, thanks to his motivation and resilience, he began his path to success in trading, the digital economy and network marketing.

With the help of his mentor “The Legend” Allan Badilla, he has become a reference in the last 2 years and is now part of Zeta Group.

Miguel Posada has managed to become one of the biggest leaders of the company in just two weeks, becoming an example for future generations.

He is a person who has been characterized by overcoming his limits, going from billing 12 thousand dollars to having a commission of 40 thousand dollars in just two weeks, a clear example of dedication and perseverance.

“Miguel has everything a trainer looks for: posture, loyalty, heart, principles, values, professionalism and excellence,”

says Allan Badilla, co-founder of Zeta Group.

His purpose is to impact the maximum number of people in a positive way, that each person who crosses his path gets the best out of him and that he can build success stories through results that reflect the effort, dedication and commitment of an entire organization.

“For me there is no more important pillar in an organization than the organization itself, it is fundamental to my life, the people I work for every day,” says Zeta’s first Diamond.

One of his greatest allies to achieve success is Julieta Rodriguez, his partner, who accompanies him on the road to achieve a change in the industry and in the lives of people who want to have real results.

His goal is to create a legacy, share the essence that the 4.0 revolution has and turn the company into an industry benchmark that always promotes good practices, digital transformation, and education as fundamental pillars for success.

“Celebrations are ephemeral, because the work of a real Diamond full of success stories, dreams and teamwork is just beginning.”

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