Óscar Araya Achieves Ambassador Rank At iX Global

According to an iX Global press release:

Óscar Araya has achieved the rank of Ambassador, which is the first of the top echelon of ranks in the company.

In order to achieve the Ambassador rank, a Brand Ambassador must generate at least 250,000 points of volume in their personal enrollment tree, with no more than 50% of the volume coming from any one organization. He achieved this rank in his first 45 days of building his organization, which is the fastest anyone has reached Ambassador in iX’s history.

This incredible effort has led him to earn nearly seventy thousand dollars in this short time period, along with potentially tens of thousands of dollars in digital rewards tokens.

iX Global wants to formally congratulate Óscar for his hard work, vision, and dedication, and honor his achievement with this public announcement.

Óscar began his networking career over twenty years ago, and after finding success in his first ventures he became a full time professional seventeen years ago.

He fell in love with nutritional products early on and worked with product based companies until partnering with iX Global. About fifteen years ago he joined a company where he worked with his first hybrid binary, which became his favorite type of compensation model to work with. By utilizing nutritional products and hybrid binary compensation plans.

Óscar grew both his networks and reputation to become one of the most well respected networkers in all of Latin America. Due to that respect and his ever increasing knowledge in the direct sales and networking space.

Óscar began consulting for these types of companies with a few partners about ten year ago. Three years later, having learned the business side of the industry through his consulting activities, he founded his own direct selling company with his wife Araceli Añaños called NAOW Group.

Araceli Añaños

They took the best of all of the companies Óscar had worked with and added their own unique vision and experience, and created a team of over one hundred and fifty thousand brand ambassadors in five
different countries.

Now in his twentieth year of networking, Óscar is on the brink of achieving over $250 million dollars in career sales. As he approached that twentieth year, he took stock of the networking industry as a whole, and realized that the industry had changed dramatically from when he had begun his career. He realized that in today’s digital age it was necessary to work with digital products and services in order to reach entrepreneurs all across the globe.

Óscar states,

“we have partnered with iX because it seems to be the most real and coherent proposal on the market today, with the greatest potential that I have seen in all my networking life.

In addition, I fully share the vision of its founder Joe Martínez, whom I have known for more than 10 years, and because I have watched him become one of the best CEOs in the world of Network Marketing.”

Óscar sees that with Joe Martinez and iX Global he and the NAOW Group organization can create an unprecedented opportunity that combines the power of digital services with the passion of physical products.

He explains,

“we have managed to come together in this new stage of our lives by merging both visions.

We have decided that in addition to being part of the board of directors and shareholders (corporate/owner) of iX Global I will return to the field to build teams, taking our vision first to LATAM and then to the whole world.

I am 100% sure that iX Global is the opportunity with the greatest potential in the networking industry today.”

And as he has proven by achieving the Ambassador rank so quickly, Óscar is building his teams faster than ever. Óscar also knows it truly takes a team to reach the whole world, and would like to recognize several of his leaders who have also started strong with iX Global.

  • Da Lunae Deustua Revoredo has already achieved the rank of Influencer, and is working hard to rise even further.
  • Jonathan Andrade Torres has also achieved the rank of Influencer and is excited for this new opportunity.

We would also like to recognize the three brand ambassadors in the NAOW Group that have achieved the rank of Executive Producer:

  • Sebastian Harth
  • Carlos Jahir Manco Gallardo
  • Jorge Luis Vico Alacote

And this is only the beginning. iX Global is excited to see how Óscar and his team will grow in the future.

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