Rain’s Newest Triple Black Diamond: Nina Salkic

We are proud to announce and recognize Nina Salkic as Rain International’s newest Triple Black Diamond. Time and time again, we are constantly in awe of everything Nina has accomplished.

She is a true leader and has become a valuable asset to her team. Her efforts into creating a positive culture and legacy of like-minded people have greatly supported Rain International

Before Nina skyrocketed to higher ranks at Rain, she started as a trusted customer that valued Rain’s products and wanted to make a difference.

Nina’s push to build and grow her team is truly contagious as her colleagues remark on her diligence and leadership.

Amid the challenges concerning the COVID-19 pandemic, she took the opportunity to come on the team with stride and ended up exceeding her own initial expectations for growth. 

To speak on Nina’s constant accomplishments, the founder and CEO of Rain International, Byron Belka, said:

“She is a leader. Through and through. She sees each Rain Partner that comes into her team for the individuals they are, and has an uncanny ability to see who they can become.

This is why she’s been able to create such a large, multi-country team who works together, is self-sustaining, and works together towards a greater goal.

We can attribute much of our recent growth to Nina, her team, and her positive outlook on team building.

She deserves the rank of Triple Black Rain Diamond. We can’t wait to see what she does next (hopefully, that’s hitting the highest Rain Ranks).”

As Nina has successfully climbed the reins at Rain this past year, she has reflected on the different ways she has improved as a leader. She has seen that her emotional intelligence, creativity, boldness, and communication skills are at a much higher level.

These improvements come from hard work and patience as Nina constantly strives to reevaluate her strengths and weaknesses. 

She has proven what it means to create a vision for yourself, as well as for others around you in a collaborative environment. Nina has improved her vision of her own self-worth and has strove to make sure that her vision correctly aligns with her leaders.

She believes that leaders need to push others to become leaders themselves. Without a bold and clear pathway, it’s difficult for those who want to advance in ranking to make a difference within their team.

Nina has learned and grown from her experiences as a leader at Rain. With all of her hard work and dedication, she has been able to come out on top and lead and guide others to success. 

Aside from this current accomplishment, Nina looks to the future with goals she has set for herself. Nina hopes to become a multiple seven-figure earner, open more markets, and advance to the next ranking at Rain International. Congratulations to Nina for this wonderful achievement. We wait in anticipation for everything she has in store for herself and her team at Rain International. 

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