ViaVeta Launches In The USA

Dr. Hedi Khezrzadeh – founder and CEO of ViaVeta, is Medical Doctor and has been for many years the Global Master Distributor of an Asian Network Marketing Company with hundred thousands of distributors.

He  founded ViaVeta, a product based company in the Netherlands in 2021 and explains his thoughts about network marketing and ViaVeta.

Dr. Hedi Khezrzadeh:

“We aim to help every customer feel their best through anti-aging science, and beauty products that encompass whole body health and vibrancy.

Our belief that each customer should find confidence in who they are, is summed up in our slogan “Everyone deserves to look charming & attractive”.

We strive for customer satisfaction in every aspect of our company, and so we provide our customers and distributors with state of the art, user-friendly, easy-to-use shopping experiences and back-office solutions. It is our goal to make your purchase or influencer experience the absolute best it can be.

“Customer focus, Customer satisfaction and happiness are at the heart of our company’s basic principles. We always give utmost priority to customer satisfaction.”

“ViaLife Hy-Collagen Beauty Booster is a unique super-drink that is revolutionising the concept of beauty, moving from the superficial outlook of just treating the outside of your body, to nourishing it from the in-side-out.”

Environmental Consciousness, ViaVeta family uses environment-friendly and recyclable packaging and promotes environmental awareness. Innovation, we provide world-class services to our customers by constantly renewing ourselves, our products and services.

“Ethical conduct, Codes of conduct are essential for our company, which are followed by the company workers both when communicating with each other as well as customers.”

Sustainability, we attach importance to sustainability, sustainable success and development and thus always develop ourselves. We adopt the approach of “good is the enemy of great” and continue our development and improvement activities dynamically.

“Our vision is to become a World Wide brand, contributing to the happiness, health, and welfare of our customers by prioritizing sustainability and innovation.”

About ViaVeta

ViaVeta, based in The Netherlands since 2021, is the vision of renowned Medical Doctor Hedi Khezrzadeh, to manifest his passion (some would say obsession) for science-based wellness products.

Our goal is to be the market leader that always implements evidence-based science, and never resort to gray areas. We’re a customer-centric company and our products provide demonstrable results, which allows us to grow enthusiastic distributors organically.

We value education and development, organizing ongoing events in the field of personal development, leadership, management and entrepreneurship in many different countries every year.

We contribute to the healthy aging of our customers with our wide-ranging lines of beauty and anti-aging products. We believe that everyone deserves to look healthy and beautiful. For more information please visit

Get more information, facts and figures about Viaveta, click here for the Viaveta overview.

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