BestLife Worldwide Creates A Strategic Alliance With DECENTRA

Steve Moretta, CEO of BestLife Worldwide, is now a legend in the network marketing industry with 30 years of experience. He founded his own health and wellness company, Best Life, 14 years ago.

Best Life and Decentra will join forces in a strategic alliance that will enable Best Life members to also benefit from Decentra’s digital services.

Steve Moretta started out very young, when he was just 17 years old. All the experience he lacked, he received it in the following years the hard way.

“I learned in the school of hard knocks. I was in two companies: in the first one, I did very badly, but I learned a lot about the fundamentals and the necessary disciplines; in the second one, I achieved the highest rank in record time with an organisation in more than 22 countries and more than 30,000 members in my network.

The American dream became a reality for me because of this industry”.

Another lesson was learned when Steve lost his wallet in a taxi while attending a convention outside his home country: he found himself selling retail products door-to-door and on the street in order to pay for a hotel, food for several days and a ticket home. That experience taught Steve that there are no excuses for no getting ahead and that you can start from scratch.

Steve Moretta, originally from Ecuador, left for the United States after quitting his first company, learning hard about personal finance, personal development and perseverance in business.

He moved with hardly any money, only his determination. In the US, everything was much more difficult at first, but with his experience and his will to make it work, Steve managed to become the number one earner in his company.

During Steve’s years with the company, he became heavily involved, taking on responsibilities that were sometimes above and beyond those of a leader.

Although at the time, Steve reckoned that the company needed to improve its internal organisation, he now sees it as something that had to happen for a reason. It was an intensive course on how to create some of the tools needed to make a company work, something that came in handy when he started his own.

In 2009, Best Life Worldwide was founded in the United States, with very little capital, an office of just a few metres and a small group of people, but with a very clear vision and a lot of enthusiasm. A few years later, it billed millions in sales revenue and millions of products sold.

“The most important thing is that in those years, we have touched the lives of many people, we have helped them with their health and their finances. Best Life was born with a dream to help people achieve an abundant life, and abundance comes in many ways: in finances, in health, in personal relationships, in self-realisation and in freedom.”

Recently and through Diego Cajigal, another industry legend, conversations have taken place to create this strategic alliance.

Why the union of Decentra and Best Life?

“It is an extraordinary learning experience about new trends in finance. In this industry, new technologies have played an important role in evolving the industry. I remember the years when the rise of the internet made the business much more exciting, and much closer for many people.

I love the concept and philosophy of Decentra where we have no barriers and no limits. We have a global business at our fingertips from day 1. My goal has always been to help people achieve financial freedom, and Decentra is a great vehicle to do that with its tools and especially, its educational system.”

In fact, for his next goals, Steve expects nothing less than to see more and more people experiencing real changes in their lives financially, personally and with the relation to health.

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