DRIVEN Trading Welcomes New EVP Of Global Sales Matthew Thayer 

DRIVEN Trading, a trading education company led by DRIVEN CEO Cory Kromray, has been making big splashes in the industry since launching in Las Vegas this April when they dropped their first NFT collection with millions of dollars worth of perks, including a NFT wrapped McLaren at the soundtrack of Neyo who came to perform at the event.

Needless to say, their first NFT drop sold out in less than 6 hours and they have since been expanding and building their global community at a very fast pace. 

After announcing the launch of their DRIVENverse platform in the metaverse with a launch metaparty on August 13th, the launch of their Wolfpack Mastermind Program on August 12th and the opening the doors of the DRIVENverse to all DRIVEN NFT holders August 14th, DRIVEN has seen a tremendous gain in momentum and growth of their global community. 

“It’s a very important moment in world history where millions and millions of people from around the world are so desperately ready to make a change in their lives. People are tired of being broke. People are tired of waiting for things to get better.”

says CEO Cory Kromray.

“People are ready to better themselves, better their lives, and learn the skills that can improve their lives. DRIVEN is the perfectly timed solution for all of these people. And that’s why everyone is just so excited right now. It’s a fresh start for them. We have people from all over the globe.” 

As global leaders and influencers jump on the DRIVEN bandwagon, the company prepares to launch their SPEED marketing system while expanding their leadership development program.

And as the time requires, DRIVEN CEO Cory Kromray has been assessing major industry leaders to continue to build its world class executive team. 

“The DRIVEN executive team was perfectly cast by Cory. He put together an elite group of professionals that not only have the extensive experience needed to build a billion dollar brand, but also are crazy enough to truly believe they can change the world.”

ays DRIVEN CMO Livia Fisher-Kane.

“And that’s exactly what it takes. We are just always excited. We are building this company with an immense sense of urgency. With a huge sense of responsibility to the masses of people that need a way out of the broken system. We are on fire right now.” 

The latest addition to the DRIVEN executive team, announced this week by CEO Cory Kromray on a zoom packed with world leaders is, to say the least, an industry icon that brings in a wave of major players. A master network marketer and an incredible trader, who has impacted hundreds of thousands of people, generated hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue in several companies throughout his career. 

Matthew Thayer is the right person, at the right time, to lead DRIVEN’s global expansion as the EVP of Global Sales. Matt brings the fire, the experience and the leadership our community needs. He is as humble as he is efficient.

And we are so excited to establish this partnership and bring into DRIVEN not only his sales and growth strategies, but also his trading strategies and his amazing team of educators. Matt feels at home with us and we feel like we just added a shot of nitro to boost the speed of our global takeover.”

says CEO Cory Kromray. 

Matthew Thayer

Matthew Thayer, known for his CashKing brand and his Cashtrap trading strategies, has revamped and rebranded his binary trading system, launching NITRO by DRIVEN. A fast track simplified trading system that has helped thousands of people improve their skills and grow their trading portfolio. 

“I haven’t been this excited since I was 22 years old and realized the potential of this industry. What Cory and his team put together in DRIVEN is unseen and unmatched, and you can mark my words, DRIVEN will quickly become the biggest company in the entire industry.

I have never seen a structure, a team and a roadmap as powerful as what DRIVEN has built. The vision is flawless and what the company has unveiled in the past 90 days is just the tip of the iceberg for everything that’s coming. I am honored and excited to be here. And there is nowhere else I would rather be.”

– says Matt. 

DRIVEN members can now access all the benefits from the newly formed partnership, with over 90 weekly LIVE trading rooms and training LIVE calls being added to the roster including Matthew Thayer’s NITRO sessions.

“DRIVEN is the most comprehensive and robust trading education platform in the world. And we will continue to expand and grow, always focused on how we create the biggest impact for people.

We are in the business of changing the world. Nothing more. Nothing less. This is an incredible moment to be a part of DRIVEN.”

– Cory Kromray. 

To learn more about DRIVEN Trading, the DRIVEN Trading Academy and the DRIVENverse, visit

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