Han Jaenam From South Korea Achieves Red Diamond Rank At Kyäni

According to a Kyäni press release:

Achieving the rank of Red Diamond with Kyäni is no small feat, as it is one of the highest ranks in Kyäni. Congratulations, Han Jaenam on this significant achievement.

Han Jaenam has seen success before in the network marketing space—but nothing like what he’s experienced so far at Kyäni. He is so excited about having financial stability and abundant opportunities to share with his entire team.

In fact, helping his team is the “why” behind Han’s motivation to build a business with Kyäni. I want to build a long, stable, and happy life with all my business partners,” Han says.

“That’s what I saw could happen with Kyäni. I was attracted by Kyäni’s unique vision and compensation plan—plus I was excited that I could do business all over the world in over 50 countries.”

Han approaches his business much like he imagines a farmer might produce crops. He knows you can’t wait around and hope things grow enough to harvest them. You have to plant seeds and cultivate growth by doing business-building activities every day.

This mindset is exactly the reason for Han’s recent advancement to Red Diamond. He’s now one of Kyäni’s top business partners in Korea.

Han recently attended Kyäni’s global Amaze! Convention, and was reminded again of just how much Kyäni and its Founders care about him and his team.

“The fact that we are actually called partners in the business and that we are treated as a top priority is remarkable,” Han says. “It helped me even more firmly decide that I will be with Kyäni until the end.”

“I’m so glad I had the unlimited trust of my team partners to get me here.”

“They unconditionally believed and followed me even when many didn’t know anything at all about network marketing. Their hard work has pushed me to succeed.”

For others who are beginning to take part in Kyäni’s business opportunities, Han has this advice:

“Believe and trust in Kyäni’s vision, confidently share Kyäni with others. And make sure to attend group seminars so you can develop your skills and learn all you can from your sponsors.” 

One of the biggest things Han has learned about himself since joining Kyäni is that it’s impossible to be this successful on your own.

“I know just how valuable it is to have a team because I could not have earned this without them. Every time I enroll another Business Partner, the sense of achievement gives me unspeakable happiness.” 

Han’s guiding philosophy:

“I can do it! My life is not over until it is over. If I keep trying, ways to be successful will always open in the end.”

About Kyäni

Kyäni, Inc., founded in 2007, is an internationally recognized health and wellness company based in Idaho Falls, Idaho, USA. From its inception, Kyäni has been the globally recognized pioneer of Nitro Nutrition™ and antioxidant support by being the first to recognize the efficacy of the Wild Blueberry and ingredients that support natural nitric oxide production in the body.

With their selection of core products, which include The Triangle of Health®, powerful Protein Nutritionals, ON™ nootropic energy shots, and now the Electro hydration and nitric oxide regeneration mix, Kyäni harnesses the power and potency of wild and natural ingredients to lead the way in increasing and improving overall health and wellness through proper nutrition.

With its value rooted in unrivaled, wild-sourced nutritional supplements, Kyäni is also able to offer a rewarding opportunity to its Business Partners in more than 50 countries around the world. For more information, please visit www.kyani.com.

DISCLAIMER: Advancing in Rank and participation in incentive trips, car programs, and other sales promotions are not typical or guaranteed. Qualification requires hard work, skill and meeting specific sales targets.

Most people do not qualify. By referring customers, you can earn meaningful supplemental income based on actual product sales. Most people join only to purchase amazing products for personal use and earn little or no income. To see what’s possible, visit income.kyani.com.

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