IX Global Appoints Travis Flaherty As iX Global DebtBox Ambassador

Travis & Summer Flaherty have distinguished careers, both as top field leaders and as consultants, in the network marketing industry.

The Flaherty’s are well known for their “family first” values, helping companies launch and opening new markets, creating marketing systems, and also for their coaching and mentoring abilities.

Travis shares:

 “As consultants and “start up specialists” in the network marketing industry; we have a passion for helping companies launch, attracting talent, expanding into new markets, implementing duplication systems and to help companies go into momentum. We have found true fulfillment comes from contribution.

We are honored to partner with iX Global founder and CEO, Joe Martinez and iX Master Trainer and top field leader, Bryan Robert. They are both seasoned, top producing field professionals, who know the effort required to build a thriving networking business.

Both Joe and Bryan have individually built wildly successful multi-million dollar network marketing teams. They understand what it’s like to have a company fail them after putting their blood, sweat and tears into building massive organizations.

Their personal experiences have given them valuable perspective on the many people counting on network marketing owners, to honor their word and be prudent with the operations of the company. This is ultimately what led Joe Martinez to start iX Global.

 We chose iX Global for multiple reasons:

  • iX’s Growth: Over the past couple years the growth is indicative of what is happening in the digital currency/digital products category, inside the network marketing industry.
  • Because they are digital: Digital product companies are high speed, low drag. They do not struggle with the logistics challenges physical product companies are plagued with in the post covid environment. There is a reason why digitally based network marketing companies are the fastest growing companies in our profession.
  • Aggressive rewards plan: Without traditional COGS, (cost of goods) digital companies can afford to have aggressive rewards plans. It definitely caught our attention, when we learned iX Global averages 73-75% payout – not on volume, but per dollar! This is approximately two times the industry standard in our profession.
  • Partnership with DEBT Box: The newly announced strategic partnership with DEBT Box gives iX Global a competitive edge and unique differentiator in the marketplace.

 Summer and I are excited to play a vital role launching iX Global in the USA, Europe and Latin America.”

IX CEO, Joe Martinez, adds:

“We are very excited Travis and Summer have chosen iX Global. The Flaherty’s are a tremendous asset to the company. Their reputation for being consummate professionals and catalysts for growth precedes them.”

About iXGlobal

 iX Global’s continued evolution into a multidimensional platform that serves digital entrepreneurs from a variety of angles gives it the edge it needs to succeed in the ever changing modern global environment.

As iX moves into the rest of 2022, its 100 million dollar sales goal is firmly in its sights. To learn more about iX Global and see what is coming next, please speak with the person who shared this article with you, or visit us online at ixglobal.us.

Get more information, facts and figures about iX Global, click here for the iX Global overview.

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