Javier Galeote & Maria del Mar Ruiz Appointed As Ambassadors Of DECENTRA For Europe

According to a Decentra press release:

Recently launched DECENTRA has been selecting exemplary leaders to make up an excellent corporate/network team, and this time, we are talking about Javier Galeote and Maria del Mar Ruiz, a married couple from Seville, Spain, who have just taken on the role of Ambassadors for Europe.

With over 13 years of experience in the network marketing industry, Javier and Maria now bear the responsibility for the whole European team of DECENTRA.

Javier and Maria were not new to entrepreneurship. Before network marketing, both started up in the traditional industry, in the education sector and real estate and sports sector respectively.

“We had always been clear that it was better to work for our dreams than to work for the dreams of others and above all, to be able to help and impact with that work our environment. In our businesses, we had employees, and we thought we knew how to manage.

When you build a team in network marketing, you quickly realise that you cannot manage, but lead by example. You work for the objectives and goals of the team, everything else comes as an added bonus.

If you want to achieve your goals and dreams, it’s simple (but not easy): support your team to achieve their goals and dreams. Everyone should have the experience of forgetting about themselves and working for the goals of others.”

The couple’s acquaintance with DECENTRA came at the time in their lives when they were quite successful in another network marketing company, having very good results and generating a residual income that largely covered the lifestyle they wanted as a family with three children. So, naturally, Javier and Maria were reluctant to make a change at first.

“It was thanks to our sponsors and friends, after repeated invitations, that we had the opportunity to go on a trip where we met the corporate. They showed us the vision and the plan of the company.

It was immediately clear that we had before us the company we had always dreamed of and had come to think was impossible to find. A project prepared to be the fastest growing company in the coming decades.

We had no doubt: we abandoned at once the vice-presidency and the circle of champions, recognitions and everything resulting from all the work we had done over the previous years and decided to take direct massive action to achieve all that again.

Now we are in DECENTRA with services that everyone wants: education, travel, Blockchain technology and having our money working for us. We have discovered what it was to win big, and most importantly, that the whole team wins just by being part of the business ecosystem or building teams globally.”

Javier and Maria quickly reached the Diamond rank in the company, which is something that they describe as “warming up”, and now, the time has come for massive growth in Europe and globally.

“We feel very proud, and at the same time, it’s a great responsibility to lead, expand and protect the whole European team. We will do everything in our power and more to create the best business and working environment to be a high-performance team in values and results.

We love a motivated, but knowledgeable and well-trained team. The company has the vision to have 2 million+ members and independent entrepreneurs in the world, and we will do our best to have a big part of those 2 million in Europe.”

Finally, the couple leaves us with a story that happened to them at the beginning of their career:

“When I moved from traditional business to network marketing, there was a businessman friend of mine whom I told, very excited, that I had found the best opportunity to make a global business, creating teams internationally.

He smiled and told me:

“I can’t believe that a smart businessman like you has fallen into another pyramid.” Only 9 months later, I had a 5-figure income, and in 26 months, we had a residual income cheque coming to us in 5 different currencies from 2 continents. So, my friend told me: “I want to know more. My traditional business failed, and I need to do what you do.”

We had a coffee, and he joined me to develop network marketing.

From the story, I would like to say: be empathetic to all those who don’t understand today. Just go ahead, and your results will speak for you. Go with those who want to go with you.”

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